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Working Remotely Changed My life – David Adins

lanwo ayotunde


Jun 14, 2019

My name is David Adins M., currently the CEO of Adins Academy.

I learnt about freelancing for the first time in 2012 through a very good friend of mine, Matthew Ayodeji, the CEO of Matrosoft Cop. At the time he was still a Banker. After a while he quite his job to face freelancing squally and believe me, I was very scared for him. He is now one of my mentors that I look up to anytime and any day.

I remember clearly when I started freelancing, I gave up number of times because orders were not forthcoming as envisage and no headway at all. Matrosoft kept on encouraging me, making sure I don’t give up, I was very frustrated and had to give up at the long run.

Along the line, it was dawn on me that my monthly pay job is just a peanut and needed to find other source of income before things get haywire.

So, I was motivated by my very self and had to returned back to freelancing in 2014, struggling till I made a headway finally in 2016. These encourages me to learn more and I started making research after work hours, from a late night sleep to early morning rise and my average monthly earning increased from $400 to $1,000.

I thought of adding values to the society, so I started training individuals for free then later on to groups since 2017 till date, 70% of my trainees are all doing very great on their own as I speak.

I love freelancing because it can be done anywhere and anytime just with your mobile phone. This actually gave birth to Adins Academy with 5 staffs.

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