Top 9 Places To Find Remote Front-End Freelance Developer Jobs

Derick Sozo

Are you a front-end developer interesting in working remote freelance jobs?

“I don’t know where to find good, high-quality remote freelance jobs” is something that I hear a lot from front-end developers.

The truth is that high-quality front-end freelance jobs are already out there. But, they’re posted all over the internet. They get posted on many job boards, Facebook Groups, Twitter, Slack Groups, and more…

In this post, I’m going to list out the top 9 websites that you can check for free to find your next remote front-end freelance development position.

Let’s get started…

Authentic Jobs is a job board that allows various types of jobs. They focus on design, front-end, back-end, mobile apps, and non-technology categories like marketing and copywriting.

When you hit the home page they’ll list out all of the jobs, but you can categorize it easily by hitting the remote button on the bottom left-hand corner.

Also, you can further categorize by going through and clicking “Front-end Engineering”. Now you’ll only see Remote Front-End positions exclusively.


Here’s a direct URL for you so you can access the remote front-end development positions directly:


How To Apply

Authentic Jobs makes it very easy to apply to these remote front-end freelance positions. Some jobs will link you to another website, and others will have you apply directly on the Authentic Jobs website.

If you see an email in the listing that’s best. If not, apply through as many places as you can (directly on the website, authentic jobs, etc.) to increase your chances.


Authentic Jobs does not get updated that frequently, so it’s okay to check it once every 3 days or so to make sure you’re not missing out on anything.

Stack Overflow is one of the main job boards available out there for development roles. Many remote, freelance front-end web development positions get posted here too.

Stack Overflow allows you to search for remote jobs specifically with a checkbox on the left-hand corner.

You can also further filter for remote contract positions as well by clicking on the contract checkbox.

Lastly, you can search specifically for front-end technologies like html, css, JavaScript, React.js, Vue.js, etc with the Tech box.


Here’s a link for you so that you don’t have to go through the filtering process yourself to find the remote freelance front-end contract positions.


How To Apply

In Stack Overflow, some jobs will link directly to another website, and others will ask you to sign up to Stack Overflow in order to apply.

My recommendation is to first checking the job post description to see if there’s an email address. If it’s available, it’s best to use that to contact the company directly instead of applying through the website for better results.


Stack Overflow gets updated almost daily, so I definitely recommend to check this one at least every week day so that you’re not missing out on potential freelance jobs.

Hacker News is a technology-focused community website, but remote jobs get posted here from time to time.

Every month on the 1st or the 2nd (depending on where you are in the world), two jobs-specific threads are posted that get very popular.

1 Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking Freelancer?

find remote freelance front-end jobs on Hacker News

This is the thread that’s specific to companies that want to hire freelancers. It’s also for freelancers who are looking for work.

2 Ask HN: Who is hiring?

In this thread, only companies are allows to post. This thread is for all technology-focused roles, remote or not. If it’s remote, the comment will contain REMOTE in it so you can easily tell.

It’s a good opportunity to look for jobs that you might be interested in.

How To Apply

First, hit CTRL+F and search Remote, Freelance, JavaScript or any other term that you’re interested in for a job.

Each comment in this thread usually provides a direct email or a link to a website where you can apply directly.

Next, I recommend that you create a Hacker News account and leave a comment in the Ask HN: Seeking Freelancer? Thread and state that you’re open for work.

Posting a comment will result in some leads coming into your inbox. In your comment I would definitely include keywords like Vue, React, Freelance, Remote, etc. because employers are also using CTRL+F to find candidates. Make it easier to find you.


Check https://news.ycombinator.com on the 1st and 2nd of every month. Keep your eyes peeled for the above two threads on the front-page.

We Work Remotely is one of the top remote-focused job boards on the Internet. It allows postings of various job types like development, marketing, copywriting, support, and more…

We Work Remotely doesn’t let you filter by front-end jobs specifically, but they do have a programming category. It’s easy to spot the front-end jobs from the title.


If you’re looking for all the remote programming jobs (including full-time) then visit the following URL:


Recently, We Work Remotely has made it easier to find contract and freelance jobs as well with a new URL. Usually they were mixed in with the other jobs and you had to find them one by one. Here’s the URL:

Find remote contract jobs at We Work Remotelyhttps://weworkremotely.com/remote-contract-jobs

How To Apply

We Work Remotely does not have you fill out forms on their website.

Instead, you’re linked out either to a separate website or given the employer’s email.

If you apply through the website, then try to find an email address as well that you can email as well.

It increases your chances, and if you apply through the company’s website first, and then send an email second just to say thank you to the employer even better.


We Work Remotely gets updated with new listings daily so I recommend checking this one every day.

This is the job board by GitHub. All of the roles here are related to technology. There’s no way to filter for remote, but I found that searching Remote in the Location field will yield most of the remote roles.


The following URL finds all remote JavaScript positions on GitHub Jobs…


How To Apply

GitHub does not allow on-site applications so you won’t be filling out any forms here. They allow companies to provide a direct link to their website or applicant tracking system. Also, some companies choose to put an email address in there instead as well…

An email is always best, but just apply in the best way that you can…


GitHub Jobs doesn’t get updated that frequently. I recommend that you check it once every 3 days or so to make sure you’re not missing out on anything.

Vue Jobs is a framework-specific job board. It’s specific to jobs relating to the Vue.js JavaScript framework.

If you’re looking for a different framework (React, Ember, etc.) they also have job boards available for those as well.


The good thing about Vue Jobs is that they have a URL for freelance-only positions. Here’s that URL for you:


How To Apply

Each job in Vue Jobs has an explicit How To Apply section. Make sure you read that one carefully before you apply.

Vue Jobs links you out to another website or provides you with an email address to contact.

The email is best if it’s available, which Vue Jobs tries its best to provide.


Vue Jobs does not get updated as frequently as the bigger job boards like Stack Overflow. I would check this one 1–2 times a week.

This one might surprise you. Twitter? Yes, there are dozens of tweets posted every day looking for freelancers to work on a project. Twitter is a goldmine for finding freelance projects. You just have to know what to search for and how to reach out to clients.


As you already know, Twitter is a free-for-all platform that is used by both people and bots to post anything, not just job-related content. But, if you use the right keywords you can avoid most of that noise.

For example, search Twitter for Looking for freelance.

Other keywords include: front-end freelance or remote front-end freelance.

Here are the direct URL’s for you to save you some time:


How To Apply

When it comes to applying to Twitter there are a few things to take into account. How’s your profile formatted? Are you sending a DM or replying directly to a tweet?

That’s why I wrote a post explaining how to apply to remote freelance jobs on Twitter. You’ll learn how to format your profile, find jobs, and what to say when reaching out.


Twitter gets updated daily with new remote work related tweets. I recommend you check daily.

Find remote front-end freelance jobs on Reddit.

Yes, Reddit too can be a gold mine of remote freelance positions if you know where to look. I’m putting it here because of the frequency.

There are many subreddits that people post on when they want to hire someone for a remote job or freelance project. One of my favorites to search is /r/forhire. The posts that you want to focus on are usually labeled with [HIRING].


Many programming languages have their own subreddits as well. Depending on the rules of the board, jobs and projects specific to those languages get posted on there frequently.

Besides /r/forhire, there are also a few other subreddits that you can check:


How To Apply

Many times, hiring threads are monitored by bots that automatically remove your comment if you don’t meet a quota of karma points or account age.

The best thing to do is skip commenting altogether and send a private message directly to the poster instead. This lets you put together a good cover letter and share more personal details about your work experience (with links) that will help you land the project.

If you’re interested in learning more about applying through Reddit, then I’ve written a guide on how to do that as well.


Another reason I put Reddit here on this list is because it gets updated daily with good positions. Make sure you check this one every day if you can to find good positions.

RemoteLeads is a remote lead generation company focused on serving freelance developers.

Every single day we carefully comb through over 500+ individual sources to find the best remote work for you. That’s thousands of listings. We search everywhere a company can post like individual company career pages, Slack Groups, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook Groups, community sites like Hacker News, multiple job boards, forums, and many more…

You can avoid all of those hours of searching for remote freelance front-end projects by subscribing to RemoteLeads. We find the best leads, vet them, and send them to you via email.


RemoteLeads is a good way to make sure you have a steady stream of good remote freelance job leads coming in. You can sign up here:


How To Apply

We put direct application instructions (with an email address) directly in each lead email that you get. That way you’re reaching out directly to the client instead of applying to an Applicant Tracking System.


After finding the best positions for you, we send the leads directly to your inbox, daily. Sign up here.

These are the top sources that I found where the highest quality jobs get posted. Some of these don’t give you a way to search for contract positions or part-time positions for example so it can be a time-hog to go through, but if you have the time to look then it’s definitely a gold-mine..

Do you find your front-end positions somewhere else, or do you have any extra questions that we can answer for you? Leave a comment below and I’m happy to get back to you.

Thank you,


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