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Top 18 Most Popular Freelance Marketplaces 2019

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Dec 11, 2019

Starting your own company today has become incredibly easy. All you really need is a reasonable budget, a viable idea to work with, and a reliable resource to find people who could build your idea for you. In times where cloud is taking over the development world and much of the mundane tasks, it only makes sense that companies would see outsourcing as a potential increase in productivity, especially in areas that would previously be slow to catch up to the rest of the business plan.

Combined in total, the following sites in our roundup offer access to hundreds of millions of freelancers who are experts in hundreds of different categories. You can literally find a solution to any kind of idea you have; someone is out there, waiting to be hired for his next job. Though the process should still be thorough, and anyone hiring a freelancer from the following sites should remember to take into consideration a full profile audit and further investigation of character. This ensures that the person you are going to be working with can definitely do the job.

You may even want to try out a couple of hires at first. See how they perform and then settle for who you thought was the most promising of all. Marketing and IT are two of the departments that you will usually want to outsource, since often there is no point training new staff to learn additional tasks that may take much longer to learn, before there is any return on the investment. Be smart about hiring people to work at your company, and remember that every single outsourcing site on this list is equipped with thorough verification and validation methods that ensure the people you are working with will not get away with cheap attitude or bad influence.


Upwork Hire Freelancers Get Freelance Jobs Online

This platform is formerly known as oDesk, and recently joined by Elance. Upwork is one of the most prominent freelance sites on the net right now. It was built with success in mind. Anyone you’ll hire from Upwork will have been individually verified by the administration of the site. This makes the hiring process much less stressful. It also lets you focus on hiring someone who wants to get the job done for you. In a bigger sense, it’s not about finding the right person. It’s about knowing the kind of work you need to get done, since Upwork provides a vast array of people who are experts each in their own field.

We used Upwork in the past to hire WordPress theme developers, designers and content writers, and we highly recommend this freelancer marketplace.


A logo defines a brand. A well-designed logo will attract the right kind of attention, the kind of attention that signals trust and preference, and professionalism. 99designs is a logo ‘marketplace’ that allows anyone to run a logo contest based on the requirements that you are looking for. That is when the site’s most experienced designers can begin to participate in your contest and submit their designs; you can request changes, remove designers, talk to them individually, and eventually reward them with the initial prize sum that you had set for the contest altogether.

99designs stands out with its flexibility and the ability to interact with designers to arrive at a design that will be pleasant for both sides.


Hire the top 3 of freelance developers designers and other tech talent.

Are you in need of expert technology freelancers? Need someone who can code? Someone who can write about web development and web design? Toptal is a unique hiring platform that helps you find the kind of person that would eventually become a part of your team! The process of finding a good person for the job is so simple and trustworthy that you will be surprised at yourself for not having used this platform before. Toptal provides the highest quality of freelance tech talent for any design environment or web, mobile, or desktop technology stack.


Gigster Hire a quality developer

The leading world’s universities and corporate companies are home to some of the most brightest technology minds on the planet. Although, getting access to these minds might be a little tricky. This is where Gigster comes into play. Gigster is a fairly straightforward business platform that connects people with ideas, and other people who have the skills to execute those ideas. Whether it’s complicated engineering you need for your home, or a simple project that you need a version 1 coded in just a few weeks, Gigster makes sure that whatever your requirements for the project are, they are going to be fulfilled in timely manner, by people who know what they are doing.


Folyo Helping companies find great designers

Folyo is a super-friendly platform for those who are looking to hire an experienced designer, but don’t want to spend all that time researching, interviewing, even analyzing the particular designer for his proficiency and expertise. It asks you a few questions and then connects you with designers who have been previously approved, who are experienced in your particular area, are within your set budget, and are actually available to start working right away. If only we had more of these platforms for different kind of job types and project requirements.


Fiverr The marketplace for creative professional services

From time to time, the kind of work we need to outsource does not require a huge budget. For those kinds of jobs, Fiverr — where every single job costs $5 — is the perfect solution. Find writers, marketers, video creators, photographers, even web developers and designers for just a couple of bucks to do a quick and effective job for you. In many ways, you get what you pay for. Some of the most reputable site vendors have provided a seamless shopping experience. These experiences changed the lives of many in more ways than one. Anyone can become a seller on Fiverr, so perhaps you can start selling some of your own services to build up that spending budget for your project.



Zirtual gives those who are interested access to a Virtual Assistant, the kind of person that would be more than happy to take care of several of your business tasks; planning meetings, booking flight tickets, paying your expenses and more. In the current evolution of technological business opportunities, time is of the essence. As such, a virtual assistant can provide a lot of peace of mind at the fraction of a cost of having to do all of the small business tasks yourself. You can’t really understand the benefits of an assistant until you actually try and hire one. Whether it’s coordinating your busy schedule, managing leads, or helping keep your work and home life organized — a Zirtual Assistant will take time-sinking admin tasks off your plate so you can focus on what’s important.

Creative Market

Fonts Graphics Themes and More Creative Market

With nearly 11,000 creative and inspirational creators, Creative Market stands out with its uniqueness and vast variety of choices when it comes to custom website designs and photos that stem in a number of categories, graphics like icons and illustrations, templates of all kind; logos, blog themes, resumes and more, themes for some of the most popular content management systems, and unique fonts that will instantly make your website and/or app stand out from the rest. The prices are affordable and you can always reach out to each designer individually to perhaps propose a personal project. Each individual section is home to hundreds, even thousands, of unique products that you wont find anywhere else.


Clarity — On Demand Business Advice

Looking to start your own startup but don’t really have the necessary insights and resources to put it all together? Clarity is a platform that enables anyone seeking out to become a startup owner to ask for advice in fields like email marketing, community building and orientation, how to raise funds and initial budget, how to use social media for the best benefit and so many more areas of advice that could be the breaking point between your startups success and failure. There is an option to browse the number of categories in which you may need help; each category features a number of experts to choose from. Tons of people offer their advice at very cheap prices, many of which are well-known experts in their field and well-known bloggers all around.


Creative Jobs and Freelance Opportunities on Behance

Behance is the world’s leading design collection website that has grown into an immense designer community. People share the work they’ve completed, still working on, and Behance is also known for having a lot of designers who create concept art that oftentimes beats an original of whatever they are trying to concept. The Behance jobs board is a place where you can post a listing of the kind of job role you are looking to fulfill at your startup, project or whatever. Because Behance is such a large scale community, finding a designer is usually fairly quick and easy.


Hire Freelancers Find Freelance Jobs Online Freelancer

Freelancer stands out as one of the most experienced freelance platforms on the web, and rightfully so. It has more than 17,000,000 registered users and nearly 10,000,000 projects posted. It has been around for nearly 15 years, serving people in more than 240+ countries. In the network of sites that Freelancer has acquired in the recent years you will find Warrior Forum; the most popular marketing forum on the web, as well as Freemarket; an online marketplace for buying and selling websites, and Fantero; a digital resource for photos, art, designs, and other similar types of digital media. Freelancer does not shy away from establishing itself as an expert in the outsourcing market. Freelancer does not shy away from establishing itself as an expert in the outsourcing market. It will do everything in its power to connect employers with the right kind of people.


Guru Hire Quality Freelancers And Find Freelance Jobs

Guru is a young company with only a handful of employees. But even with this, they already managed to establish a base of 1,500,000 million members. Also, more than 1,000,000 completed jobs and the numbers are growing by the minute. It’s proud to promote that its database consists of more than 3,400,000 unique services. You probably never even thought of some of them. You can explore a public database of the kind of work that you can expect from freelancers who use Guru. This can give you a more flexible idea of whether this is the right hiring platform for you or not.


Find Jobs and Hire skilled Freelancers at a click PeoplePerHour.com

Looking for experts in design, development, writing or marketing? PeoplePerHour focuses on connecting its customers with the right kind of bunch of people. They are experts in the particular field you need to outsource work for. PeoplePerHour’s service has one big upside. Each and every person you are going to work with is going to have been hand curated. This is to ensure its quality and reliability. The prices are affordable. This kind of hiring process is much more flexible than having to go through an expensive hiring agency. You can expect great results from the people who you will find trough PeoplePerHour. Who knows, they might just become the next member of your existing team.

Smashing Jobs

All Jobs Smashing Jobs

Smashing Magazine is the most respected design website in the world. Naturally, their job board is going to attract the leading world talents. It costs only $75 to post a job offer for freelance clients. You can eventually come into contact with some really experienced designers and developers. We are sure that they will happily discuss the job opportunity with you on multiple levels.


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