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Through what types of glass will a TV remote work

lanwo ayotunde


Jan 6, 2020

ANSWER As long as it’s clear glass or plastic, is not very thick and is not very far away from the TV, like a window in a serving hatch through a wall that is near to the TV, the infrared beam should get through to control the TV.

If its infrared beam has to get through a glass or plastic barrier like that you can’t expect the remote to work as far away from the TV as it does when it’s used as normal in the same room. The following answer is a bit of a puzzle. Maybe someone else will be able to explain what it means and make it easier to understand? ANSWER

To have a remote work through glass, you must surround your TV with Plexi Glass and then turn around. This works because the remote control uses infra-red technology, and whatever is in your house will make the beam bounce off and hit the tv.


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