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The ultimate list of the best remote working software for 2019

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Jan 28, 2020

1. Express Talk VoIP Softphone

Express Talk VoIP Softphone remote working software

One VoIP client that you might find useful is Express Talk VoIP Software. Unlike other similar tools, this application can work as a softphone and allow you to make free audio calls to other PCs. In addition to PCs, you can use this tool to call phones by using a VoIP SIP gateway provider. If needed, you can also use this tool to perform emergency calls.

Standard calling features are available, and you can easily log your calls or place callers on hold. The application has its own phonebook that allows you to easily sort and call your contacts. It’s worth mentioning that this feature works with Microsoft Address Book, which can come in handy.

If you’re a business user, you’ll be pleased to know that you can configure up to 6 phone lines with this tool. Of course, conference calls are also supported, and you can have calls with up to 6 people simultaneously. As for additional features, there’s call recording and call transfer available as well.

In order to provide you with the best audio quality, this tool has certain call enhancement features such as data compression, echo cancelation, and noise reduction. Overall, Express Talk VoIP Softphone is a solid VoIP software, so feel free to try it out.


  • Ability to make free calls to other PCs
  • Ability to make phone calls
  • Call log, caller ID, call holding
  • Built-in phonebook
  • Up to 6 phone lines
  • Conference calls
  • Call recording, call transferring

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2. Slack


Slack is one of the most widely used tools for chatting, and real time communication – almost like a WhatsApp of sorts. It has clean and intuitive interface, is very well designed and its informal feel makes it very engaging.

For quick internal communication, it can’t be beat and also features tons of integrations with outside services. It also loads much faster than other chat apps. It also has a pretty cool mobile app.

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3. Workplace by Facebook

remote working software

Some teams still use this collaboration platform that is akin to a Facebook group, with messaging, voice and video calling, plus newsfeed features, to help teams work better and more efficiently together.

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4. Google Hangouts

For video meetings, this is the default tool, and you can use it with Slack to launch a hangout from within a channel. If three or more people need to hook up for a chat, Google Hangouts makes it possible and easy too.

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5. Skype

vpn skype

This tool has been used over the years for both voice and video chats, though there are others that may be technically more impressive or simpler to use, but the fact that it is so common means it still is the easiest way to communicate with clients and collaborate remotely, at no cost.

With Skype, you can make calls daily for direct verbal communication, share screens, keep goals clear with the team and provide a more personal connection to each person. It is the standard for one on one remote conversations.

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6. Join.me

join me app

This is a fantastic app, which works a little like Skype, and you can hold private conversations, share screens, and even have team calls. Unlike other tools, this one doesn’t freeze up every so often, so you can pick it if you need to have quick meetings on the fly. It’s a great tool to have as part of your chat tool arsenal.

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7. YouTube Live

remote working software

If you want to record a video quickly, host a live broadcast or training for your team, then this is your go-to tool. It is Google Hangout’s alternative to a large scale broadcast all over the world. It recently added new features such as live automatic captions, location tags, and live chat replay.


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