The 35+ Best Freelance Websites and Marketplaces

This article summarizes the focus and pricing for the best freelance websites, freelance marketplaces and freelance job boards available to independent contractors in several niches.

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In a recent study commissioned by Freelancers Union, 69 percent of self-employed workers say new technology has made finding gigs easier. The modern freelancer has many more options than the two or three best-known sites. Be sure to look beyond Toptal and Upwork. (Also, be sure to check out the specialized list of best websites for consultants that we put together.)

But it’s also possible to have too many options. So we regularly update this comprehensive list of the best freelance websites and marketplaces for the independent contractor.

By the way, before we get started, if you are looking for resources to manage your freelance business, check out our toolkit page. Several of the software companies and other tools on there are offering discounts to Nation1099 readers.

(Note: Nation1099 has affiliate relationships with some of the companies mentioned on this page. Read about our affiliate program here.)

[Latest update: March 6, 2018]

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Exciting newcomers: The best new freelance websites

A freelancer's desk

The newest freelance websites represent a new breed of more selective, seller-focused marketplaces that bring fresh ideas and opportunities to talented gig economy professionals.

Some of these new sites may not be the biggest names, but the best freelance websites offer innovation, fairness and quality to users on both sides of the marketplace, and in that regard, the choices below are worth a look.


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