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Technika remote control not working

lanwo ayotunde


Jan 24, 2020


I have searched through the forums but couldn’t find a thread which has solved my problem, but i apologise if there is one already.

My nan is having a problem with her Technika LCD 15ID-107 15″ Digital TV’s remote control. The remote did work initially, but hasn’t worked for the past few months. Whenever you push any button all it does is make the screen flicker a bit, as if you had just changed channels.

I have tried swapping the batteries, leaving the batteries out for 1.5 hours before putting them back in, tkaing the batteries out and pushing all the buttons from topleft to bottom right, but they all end in the same result -the screen flickering when you push a button.

I’ve looked at the remote through my phone’s camera and the light is working.

There are two buttons which look like they may switch functions of some kind (SWAP P Dan


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