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T-Box remote stopped working – Telstra Crowdsupport

lanwo ayotunde


Jan 24, 2020

Hi Rofrankl,

You have already covered of the basics so maybe there are some other things we can try.

A simple way to check your remote is to use an AM radio (that’s if you still can find oneSmiley Happy) as a detector.

The T-box remote uses radio signals and if you hold it very close to an AM radio and press a button on your remote, you can introduce some interference that you can hear.

Tune the radio to any station and then move the remote slowly around the radio while intermittently pushing one of the buttons. You need to be close to the ferrite antenna of the radio for this to work (usually at the back). The interference is subtle but easily distinguishable.

Experiment with your Iphone first so you’ve got the hang of it.

If you can’t repeat this with the original remote then we can probably assume it’s dead, in which case technical support is probably your best option.

You can also try powering of the T-Box fully.

Put the T-box into sleep mode and then remove the power adapter completely and leave it out for a minute or so. The power needs to be completely off so that the radio receiver in the T-Box is fully powered down . Even in sleep mode the radio receiver of the T-Box needs to be powered (otherwise it could never wake up the rest of the box). A complete depowering is always worth a try.

As your Iphone is working this may not work in your case but it may help others reading this thread.

Please let us know how you get on.

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