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Remote Workplace Seminar to Optimize Working Remotely

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Jan 20, 2020

remote workplace seminarWorking remotely? Wondering how can you optimize relationships with coworkers and customers when you’re not in the same location or time zone? According to a recent survey by Global Workplace Analytics and FlexJobs, remote work has grown 91% over the last 10 years.

Clearly, remote workers must acknowledge and resolve a unique set of challenges to maximize their effectiveness in the remote workplace. For example, Google conducted a two-year study involving 5,600 employees in the U.S., Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The study revealed the three top factors to optimize their remote workforce:

  1. Cultivate real relationships
  2. Accommodate time zone differences
  3. Provide a supportive technology infrastructure and clear guidelines

In this seminar, you will learn how to best function in individual, team, and leader roles remotely. The Optimal Thinking Remote Workplace seminar is designed to help participants understand the specific issues associated with working remotely and to provide the most compelling, practical strategies to ensure optimal success as a remote team member.

Each participant takes our complimentary self-assessment or 360-assessment beforehand so that you receive tailored insight to consistently achieve your best outcomes.

Remote Workplace Seminar Objectives

In the Optimal Thinking Remote Workplace seminar, you:

  • examine the leader, employee, and customer issues that arise when working remotely
  • determine how much of your thinking compromises your best interests
  • understand Optimal Thinking and its vital role in maximizing remote performance
  • identify what “the best” means when working remotely
  • integrate practical steps to begin each day with your best self in charge
  • identify the best approaches for building relationships with customers who are remote from you
  • discover the most effective ways to receive feedback from customers
  • understand the thinking and interactive styles, motivators and stressors of remote team members
  • explore the common language to optimize efficiency and effectiveness in the remote workplace
  • maximize accountability, collaboration, cohesiveness and employee buy-in
  • understand the sources of miscommunication, and learn how to uncover and best resolve conflict
  • build trust, provide the most appropriate recognition, and optimize employee morale
  • balance workload and provide the same information to all team members
  • employ the right languages during face-to-face, phone, email, and conferencing interactions
  • review all the implications of the remote environment on employee empowerment
  • set SUPREME objectives (determine metrics based on realistic expectations)
  • discover the most constructive ways to provide feedback on employee performance
  • learn how to evaluate, monitor, and optimize remote performance

Who Should Attend

  • employees in any type of organization who work remotely
  • CEOs, large and small business owners, employees and entrepreneurs who travel and work remotely
  • anyone interested in being their best and consistently performing at their peak in remote situations

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