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Jan 6, 2020

Remote working statistics

Remote Working Statistics

Work from anywhere, stay connected everywhere and deliver performance all the time. Experience the power of cloud computing by collaborating work from different locations and yield performance.

Technology has made the world a smaller place and the digital revolution has opened doors to the remote working mechanism. Remote working in its essence is working on a personal device – laptop, tablet or mobile; away from the office premises, using cloud-based software or technology and an internet connection. The user or worker with access to a particular technology and an internet connection is able to perform his duties beyond location boundaries; be it a customer’s home, or a roadside service work-order whilst away from the office yet connected with software on his device.

The benefits of remote working have been realized in all sectors of various industries. Undoubtedly, everyone is considering this option for extracting work from their employees along with giving them more scope of productivity. The preference of workforce for remote working is reflected in the below statistics for UK and America.

Percentage of American workforce working from home

Percentage of UK workforce working from home

Studies show that around 65% of employees are in favour of working beyond the office boundaries and feel that it positively impacts their efficacy. This is making the business move towards remote working for their staff and empower them to work from anywhere.

of workers feel they are more effective working from home than in the office

A package of advantages makes remote working style being accepted by businesses around the world favourably. It helps a company to grow with their workforce and retain their loyalty. This set of benefits helps to make it a win-win situation for everyone.

Move out of the desk-based set-up; work conveniently & succeed in completing it in a better way.

Balance between work and personal life as there is no bond of a boundary.

Considerable savings for the company and the workforce on travel and infrastructure.

Less time required to complete the actions as one can work at any point of time

The world of connectivity calls the businesses to expand their horizons, facilitating their employees to work remotely and contribute to achieving organization’s goals. The remote working trend holds a lot of scope for growth considering the use of tools and technology in the right direction. If you are looking to weigh the consequences of putting remote working into use for your work, our professionals can guide you through the confusion and help you with all that takes to establish connectivity on-site and on-premises. Leave your details or drop in your queries over social networks Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, and LinkedIn.

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