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Jan 9, 2020

Remote Working

As the rise of mobile devices such as tablets and laptops continues to grow there has been an increase in the need for businesses to provide remote working solutions for their employees.

remote working

The need to be connected and have access to company data 24/7 is something we would expect to continue to grow rapidly. Technology has also created a demand for larger businesses to employ individuals who work from home.

In addition to this the small office home office has undergone a transformation since its advent as the internet has enabled anyone working from a home office to compete globally. Technology has made this possible through email, the World-Wide Web, e- commerce, videoconferencing, remote desktop software, webinar systems, and telephone connections by VOIP.

System IT can provide a bespoke solution to meet with your organisations needs and requirements which will allow any number of nominated employees to access the company network from a variety of different devices away from an office environment.

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