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Hi Owen, thanks for the critical and harsh feedback. It’s always insightful to hear even the harshest of opinions from people. Even though it’s not quite typical for Product Hunt. So, Product Hunt has historically been a place for launches of products (of all kinds), books, reports, videos, virtual summits and even podcasts. You’ll see even AngelList (which owns Product Hunt) launched its Year in Review in 2015 on Product Hunt. You can also search for “Report” and find tons, same goes with Podcasts. In the case of this specific launch, we not only did all the work required of building valuable content (research, gathering data, organizing it, curating it, etc) but we also turned it into a product through design (it took us a while and lots of iterations to land where we did), code (it’s built in Ruby on Rails), search, filters, ability to copy statistics easily, light/dark mode. We also got feedback from over 50 people throughout the process and iterated it until it was a valuable and worthy product to launch. We always aim to deliver a ton of value to the Product Hunt community, and I believe that we do. We are passionate about remote/distributed work ourselves, and want to share what we create with the community. Have a nice day.


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