Remote Work Station – How is Remote Work Station abbreviated?

Acronym Definition
RWS Rijkswaterstaat
RWS Rural Water and Sanitation
RWS Resorts World Sentosa (Singapore)
RWS Rogue Wave Software (various locations)
RWS Running with Scissors
RWS Ready Web Service
RWS Remote Workstation
RWS Remote Windows Socket
RWS Read Write and Shared
RWS Rear Wheel Steering
RWS Receive Window Size
RWS Resource Workshop
RWS Recht Wirtschaft Steuern (German: Business Tax Law)
RWS Remote Weapon Station (US Army)
RWS IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium
RWS Real World Strategies (Global Campaign for Education)
RWS Romano-Ward Syndrome
RWS Revised Work Schedule (US FEMA)
RWS Rhapsody Web Services
RWS Ralph Wilson Stadium (Buffalo, NY)
RWS Receive Window Size (layer 2 tunnel protocol)
RWS Remote Winsock
RWS Remote Work Station (US Army ASAS)
RWS Radar Warning System
RWS Remark Web Survey (software)
RWS Range While Search
RWS Republic Waste Services (Wayne, Michigan)
RWS Recruiter Workspace (application)
RWS Rigid Wall Shelter
RWS Read/Write Storage
RWS Remote Work Station
RWS Real World Scenario (software testing)
RWS Regional Waste Systems, Inc. (Portland, ME)
RWS River Water System
RWS Registration Web Service
RWS Reconfigurable Workstation
RWS Right Wheel Speed
RWS Raw Waste Storage
RWS Reduced Work Schedule (employment)
RWS Ramsey Wind Symphony (New Jersey)
RWS Radiological Warning System
RWS Rurama Women’s Society (Uganda)


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