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Remote team spirit

Team spirit. In theory, it refers to a positive company culture. But many companies treat it more like recruiting lip service than a value to actively foster. It has become just another corporate buzzword. Team spirit should not just be an abstract concept or a lure — it is something that is real and palpable. But what exactly does it look like?

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I still cannot understand why companies do not want people working remotely. It has served us incredibly well at Aha! — but I also believe it is important to consider differing points of view. So I recently asked folks on LinkedIn for the reasons employers had rejected remote work. One particular response floored me. “This job is too important to be remote.” Wow. This perfectly encapsulates every misguided notion that exists about the nature of distributed teams.

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“What do you mean you saw your co-workers? You work at home.” A friend who works for the county court system once asked me this with a look of confusion on his face. He knows that Aha! is an entirely remote company, but he was unfamiliar with the concept of remote meetings. I chuckled as I assured him that nobody had to fly into the Bay Area — we simply caught up over video conference.

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Welcome to the office of your dreams. Here you will find your favorite snacks, cozy spots for your pets, and gear to play all the sports you love. Everything is expressly tailored to your exact specifications. You can even chat with family members while you are enjoying your freshly-brewed espresso. This may sound like a fantasy, but it is how our team at Aha! works every day. How?

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What does it take to be a great marketing manager? A strategic mindset. Understanding of the market and the customer. Creativity, yes that too. But there is something that is not on this list — working in an office. This is because being co-located is not required to be a brilliant marketing manager.

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There is a dog barking incessantly in the background. And the not-so-stealthy typer who is audibly multitasking during the meeting. Yes, most remote workers are probably giving a rueful chuckle. We have all been there. But what about when you take your typical virtual meeting and increase it to 10, 20, even 100 people?

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Dozens of support articles. 58 marketing activities completed. And hundreds of screenshots. This is just a sampling of the work that went into the launch of Aha! for Marketing. Our team felt an enormous sense of accomplishment on the morning of the launch. And despite the fact that we all work remotely, folks still got together to celebrate — hopping on a video meeting to cheer as the new product went live. Read more…

aha! remote job

Your first day on a remote team. We wrote about this topic a couple of years ago and I recently started rethinking why we focused on just one day. Not because the advice is no longer valid. But because I heard an Aha! teammate share how much they learned in the first year at a remote company. Read more…

welcome new employee Aha!

The first day of work can feel a lot like the first day of school. You are filled with excitement — ready to take on a new challenge and meet new people. But if you are joining an entirely distributed company, you might wonder what that first day will be like. Is that first day of working remotely like walking into an empty classroom? Read more…

Aha! remote workspaces

Welcome to the Aha! offices. The kitchens are stocked with the team’s favorite foods. Children and pets are welcome. Guests come and go. Every desk is completely customized to the individual. And we have more than 80 locations worldwide — including California, Hawaii, Toronto, and South Africa. How are we able to do this? Read more…

“A deep sense of belonging.” This is how one Aha! teammate recently described working here. Her statement made me proud. That sense of belonging is something we work hard to achieve — even as our 80-person team continues to rapidly grow. It is gratifying to know that our hard work is leading to team spirit and gratitude. But it is even more gratifying to watch what it looks and sounds like. See for yourself. Read more…

Aha! Cares

What is your favorite memory from the past year? This is a question we ask every Aha! teammate on their work anniversary. (Or “Aha!-niversary,” as we like to call it.) You would expect people to fondly recall the beautiful locations where we hold our all-company meetings. But the favorite memory I hear the most is: “The time we got together to volunteer.” Read more…

remote job interview

I believe in remote work. Big shock, right? But I have a secret — it is actually not a deep passion point for me. You do not find me on the speaker circuit pushing the idea that it will save the world. Sure, I have written a lot about the topic on this blog and elsewhere. And yes, I founded a company with an entirely distributed team. But I did not set out to become a remote work champion. Let me explain. Read more…

remote work bully

Bullies are easy to despise. Loud. Blustering. Obnoxious. Willing to do or say anything to get their way. Especially in movies, these heels are easy to root against and we cheer when the hero overcomes a small-minded jerk. But in the workplace, this kind of behavior is more nuanced. Remote workers know this all too well — as they are often subjected to unfair treatment by in-office colleagues. Read more…

remote work is not part-time

Everyone wants to work remotely. I know this because I receive messages from people every day who want to work remotely for Aha! — I also read a lot of misguided perceptions. “It must be great working from home, so you can get more done around the house.” “Working remotely would allow me to travel the world.” “It would be great to work less.” The reality is so far from this remote work fiction. Read more…

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