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lanwo ayotunde


Jan 21, 2020

Wed, Aug 5, 2015 12:08 AM

The remote control for one of my TVs is not working. We inserted new batteries and also checked all cable connections. We tried one of the other remote controls and the TV responded. How do we get a new remote control ?? We tried calling ATT but could not get through.

Thank you in advance



The original remote is not controlling the TV or the STB or both?

Try pressing the att button, then see how it works.

The two TVS are the same? They both use the same IR.

You’re referring to the Uverse remote, correct? What model number is it?

Try ordering one online or check out your local Goodwill store for cheap second hand ones.

If you go to your on demand on any receiver there is a help section with videos. There is definitely one on remotes.


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