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Remote Control is Not Working – Miroir Product Support

lanwo ayotunde


Dec 27, 2019

This article is intended for users who have a Miroir projector with a Bluetooth remote (M200A, M300A or M631) that is not functioning properly.

If your remote is no longer working with the projector, there are a few different possible causes:

  1. Batteries in the remote need to be replaced.
    • Check that the status light on the remote is illuminating when buttons on the remote are pressed. If this light is not illuminating, replace the batteries in the remote and then Pair the Remote with the Projector.
  2. Batteries are installed incorrectly.
    • If you have a M631, remove the battery from the remote and re-position the battery so that the (+) side of the battery is up. Once the battery is re-positioned, you may need to Pair the Remote with the Projector.
    • If you have a M200A or M300A, remove the batteries from the remote and re-position them so that the (+) and (-) ends of the battery match the battery diagram inside the battery compartment of the remote. Once the batteries are re-positioned, Pair the Remote with the Projector.
  3. Remote is no longer paired with the projector.
  4. Remote is too far from the projector.
    • Check that you are using the remote within 6 feet of the projector.


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