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Dec 28, 2019

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Full Talent Access

Our Standard Plan unlocks our entire curated talent network, allowing you to view the full profile and portfolio links of the individual, and contact them directly.

There are no restrictions on how you choose to recruit or hire. You may offer contract or full-time employment. All aspects of hiring, including payments, are between you and the freelancer.

2 Job Posts Per Month

Freelance or Full-Time

Applicant Tracking System

Get notified when someone applies and exchange messages with all applicants.

One-click Job Invite

Instantly invite any freelancer to apply for your posted job.

Offsite Job Application Option

Set the “Apply Now” button on your jobs to link to your own website.

Need Help?

We’re happy to offer you some free guidance, find your perfect freelancer, help you put together a full freelance team, or even manage your project for you.

Our leadership team has worked on hundreds of startup, agency, and corporate projects. We understand your needs better than most.

Talk to us via our live chat, or shoot us an email with the contact button below.

CONTACT US Rachel Gertz

It’s been amazing for my business. I’ve had seven leads, five went through, paid, and actually led to more work.

Rachel Gertz
Freelance Content Strategist and Digital Project Manager

Julian Jorgenson

I used to spend time searching for work. Now new clients are constantly reaching out.

Julian Jorgensen
Freelance Web Developer

Kirk Fromm

As a specialist this is a great platform for reaching new clients. A digital agency in another city hired me for a custom real estate illustration.

Kirk Fromm
Freelance Architectural Illustrator


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