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Best Plagiarism Checker Tools To use Before Publishing Your Article

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Dec 16, 2021

Copying in any field is never fun. Even buying an imitated piece of dress never pleases us more than how replicated, and people never encourage buying stuff that is not original. People need creativity more. 

This goes for content as well. Plagiarized content is unacceptable whether you create website content or write articles about your company’s services. 

Plagiarism is theft, and it is not allowed by anyone. Whether you are a college student or a researcher, you need to write original content that is 100% unique and free from plagiarism. 

It affects your work and identity and can cause serious consequences in the future. It can ruin your career because it is a crime and is not legal.

Why You Need Plagiarism Checker Tools

Non-plagiarized content is important not only on the Internet but also in SEO rankings. If you copy your brand description, you’re much less likely to get searches on Google’s search engine.

In addition, you may be sued by other companies from where you have copied the content on your web pages. 

However, there are hundreds of web pages that provide different types of information and the internet is overloaded with it. But still, you will never find plagiarism in any type of content. There will be a slight difference in the content which makes it unique and original. 

Google’s algorithms have evolved enough to check for the plagiarism of everything that is updated on the web. Therefore many plagiarism checking tools are available on the internet for free that give instant results and detect duplication within seconds. 

In this article, we will talk about one of the best plagiarism detection tools that will save you from submitting imitated content and compare your work with thousands of web pages available on the internet. 

Best plagiarism checker tools every writer need to have



Prepostseo is one of the well-known protective tools that is mainly used by students, teachers, and writers. It offers a very simple interface with multiple functions and is one of the best duplicate checkers for all types of write-ups. 

This plagiarism checking tool is not only best for detecting duplication but it also provides rewriter tools that allow writers to modify their write-ups to make them free from plagiarism. 

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The tool gives you the leverage to copy the text or upload a file to check duplication. Other than this here you will get immediate results and the content is compared with thousands of online websites available on the internet. 

Here you will get results in the form of percentage which makes it easy for students and writers to know what percent of their content is duplicate and what is unique. 


Furthermore, here you can detect plagiarism in different types of languages. There are multiple options available that you can choose to check for copied content. 

Security is the biggest thing that everyone requires and this website offers a 100% safe and secure interface that none of your content will be saved in the tool’s database.  

Moreover, people who want to enjoy the extra features of this tool can get a premium plan that provides amazing features at very affordable rates. 


Check plagiarism is also one of the tools that are widely used and by writers for detecting duplication. This tool gives fast and accurate results and is completely safe and secure to use. 

This tool scans each word and compares it with unlimited web pages available on the internet. It gives you the leverage to check up to 10k-15k words at a time.

People who want to enjoy unlimited features of this tool can sign up for a premium plan that provides plagiarism checking with no word limit and much more. 

One of the amazing features of this tool is that you can check up to 5 files at once. The files can be a doc, .docx, .txt, or .pdf, and it allows you to compare content from each of the files. 

You can check for plagiarism by simply copy-pasting the text in the given space, and the results will appear within minutes. 

If you are a writer and need an instant solution to check all of your write-ups, this platform is best.


Writing is always fun. We all have the best feeling to pen down our thoughts and pour our imagination into our write-ups. But still, some write-ups require information that is not always entertaining for the writers. 

It often happens that writers are asked to write on a similar topic more than once and they are out of words. This is when a rewriting tool and a plagiarism checker can help writers and students to develop content that is unique and free from plagiarism. 

Often while writing, we never feel that we are copying content from the internet when we are just acquiring information. Sometimes, we unintentionally copy other people’s ideas and thoughts and pen them down under our names, which can create problems for us. 

Therefore, a plagiarism checker helps you to detect duplication in your content so that you can modify your article and correct the errors before submitting it further. 

A plagiarism checker is a life savior for all freelancers and students because you can fall into severe damage that can ruin your reputation and identity without this tool. Therefore, always be aware of sending original content to your clients or teachers when forwarding it further. 


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