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Managed Editing: Freelance Work

lanwo ayotunde


Dec 26, 2019

Wordfirm Inc. at times seeks skilled editors to work for us as independent contractors. Also, on rarer occasions we look for other publication professionals—such as writers, graphic designers, and indexers—to partner with us on publication projects.

These freelancers
all work from their home office through the Internet, so location is not a
factor. We expect all, though, to be professionals and top-notch
in their fields. Editors should have a college degree and at least five years of practical experience in editing, but the editors we choose typically have much higher qualifications.

Apply by filling out
our online independent contractor application.
It’s fairly detailed, so go to it when you
have the time to provide complete information.
You may not be called upon soon, but it’s
worthwhile to include your information in
our database for times when we need

Please provide all
requested general information and
information for the categories of work you wish
to do. If you have done professional work,
the information requested should be at your
fingertips and filling out the form should
be relatively quick.

Go to the online application.


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