Magic Remote stopped working — LG

I had similar issues. My LG remote would power on/off but this was the only key that worked. (Red Power button)

I tried changing the batteries but they were OK.

I tried resetting my remote by removing batteries and pressing every key for 3 seconds (this didn’t work).

I tried re-pairing my remote control by pressing Home and Back for 5 seconds then pressing the wheel. This indeed re-registered the remote control but still no buttons working (except red power button).

**** Here is what fixed my remote control. ****

I used the LG App on my smartphone to navigate to the Settings then General and then turned off Quick Start+

Then I turned off my TV (it was slower to turn off) Then I pressed the remote red power button and when the TV came back on, everything was back to normal again and the remote control worked as normal.


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