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remote input jack on LG tv

Last night we found that our TV remote stopped working. Also the Dish remote for the TV also didn’t work, meaning, it was in the TV not the actual TV remote. However, I did replace the battery and looked to see that the invisible light on the front of it was working by holding my Droid up to it and doing a selfie with the camera. The invisible ray that comes out is visible to see digitally but not to the naked eye. I also took out the batteries and pushed each button for 3 seconds, didn’t help. And I rebooted the TV by unplugging and plugging. None of these helped.

However I found this article that gave me the answer. There is a “Remote Control In” jack on the back of TV’s for external wired remotes if you needed one. If an external remote is plugged in, the IR Sensor (internal remote sensor) turns off. If this “remote in” jack is blocked with dust, dirt, etc, then the TV thinks you have an external remote plugged in. Sure enough I found the jack, blew in there and ran a 3.5mm (headphone jack) plug-in and out several times and now it works. The dust was hardly even visible, that s how sensitive it is. Anyway, this problem has been haunting me for 12 hours and finally its fixed. So glad.

IMG_20160131_094807585See Remote Control In jack

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