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The following FAQs are the most commonly asked questions from individuals interested in Remote Viewing and the Learn Remote Viewing DVD course. If your answer is not contained within this page, please try referring to the videos section or search for your answers in the student forums.

Questions about Remote Viewing

Questions about the Learn Remote Viewing DVD course

What is Remote Viewing?

Remote viewing is a structured, teachable discipline that enlists the unconscious mind to gain direct knowledge about inaccessible targets – about people, places, things, or events in the past, present, or future. A Remote Viewing session begins with a “cue” or question that defines the data you are seeking. These cues may consist of anything from the World’s next catastrophic event to locating your lost car keys.

Remote Viewing was developed by the CIA and the United States military by studying how the human mind obtains data on an unconscious level. Through years of top secret scientific study, a protocol was developed that forces the mind to follow this unconscious process of data collection. This newly discovered skill, Remote Viewing; quickly produced high levels of accuracy far greater than the program originally expected; therefore, was utilized for real-life military operations.

Though commonly defined as a “psychic” or “Psi” ability by many individuals; Remote Viewing is rather, a scientifically developed skill that is able to consistently obtain accuracy rates of 80% on data during an RV session. This is the first skill that truly unlocks the unconscious mind to consistently obtain accurate, reliable information about anything one would like to know.

The individual responsible for refining Remote Viewing to what it is today is none other than Major Ed Dames; the most elite instructor in the RV industry. Major Dames is the only training instructor that provides the most effective and groundbreaking Remote Viewing program in the world!

The new, built from the ground up, “Learn RV” course incorporates 17 years of evolved, post military operational knowledge. The training set utilizes the natural DVD menu system to provide a structured, comfortably paced training environment, with an effective mix of training targets, lectures, and feedback.

The history behind Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing techniques were pioneered by a group of scientists working with several highly gifted psychics, as part of a U.S. government-sponsored research program. Throughout 20 years of research and development, they developed a training methodology that enabled virtually anyone to be taught this powerful mind skill for information collection.

In the mid-1970’s at the Stanford Research Institute, a team of scientists and psychics developed a protocol that allowed test subjects to describe distant locations. This protocol, dubbed “remote viewing,” proved more reliable than earlier attempts to simply pick random numbers or guess selected cards. In fact, it turned out to be accurate enough to support sensitive intelligence operations.

Equally remarkable, researchers found that these new and powerful mind skills could be taught to virtually anyone. A training model was developed and then refined by a military remote viewing unit. In 1995, this program came to light—and made headlines—when the CIA acknowledged its the existence of a clandestine program known as “Stargate.” Under this program Military Intelligence personnel had undergone training to become psychic spies.

Remote Viewing is now declassified to the public.

How does Remote Viewing work?

The Remote Viewing protocol is what gradually trains the unconscious mind to provide information regarding a target in a specific sequence of data. As you write down the data obtained, you become more connected with the target thereby gradually providing increasingly detailed information. This information is then translated into sketches and drawings.

In remote viewing theory, everything in the universe exists as a pattern of information within the collective unconscious, or what is sometimes referred to as the “Matrix.” Remote viewing simply allows you to tap into this phenomenon and to transfer a particular pattern to your conscious awareness.

Like much of modern quantum physics, this explanation challenges our common-sense notions of cause and effect. But the bottom line is that trained remote viewers hit their “targets” with at least 80-90% accuracy.

It should be noted that within the Remote Viewing community, “viewing” is considered a metaphor instead of a literal description; what actually happens would more accurately be called “perceiving.” Indeed, remote viewers must learn to bypass their rational thoughts in order to allow their unconscious to work. And though it makes use of the unconscious, Remote Viewing is the rigorous, repeatable, scientific collection of information.

Is meditation involved with Remote Viewing?

As with any skill or activity that requires attention, each individual has their own techniques for relaxing before they begin a Remote Viewing session; however, meditation does not have a direct involvement in the RV process.

There are many misconceptions and misleading sources about Remote Viewing. Many sources that claim they teach Remote Viewing or a “related skill” in-fact have had no involvement with the original military funded program or even have an understanding of what REAL Remote Viewing is. It is important to utilize a source that teaches actual Remote Viewing and is not simply utilizing the name to sell false product or service.

Be assured that Major Ed Dames and LearnRV.com is widely proclaimed as being the best source in the world for RV information and training! The Learn Remote Viewing training program has been PROVEN to work!

Are there different types of Remote Viewing?

Since Remote Viewing was derived strictly from several top secret U.S military and CIA research programs, a specific protocol was developed that one MUST follow in order to obtain accurate results during an RV session. No matter what acronyms are assign to a Remote Viewing program (coordinate, scientific, technical) there is only one true form of Remote Viewing

Be assured that Major Ed Dames and LearnRV.com is widely proclaimed as being the best source in the world for RV information and training! The Learn Remote Viewing training program has been PROVEN to work with shocking results!

Can I Learn Remote Viewing through books or audio lectures?

Because of the nature of Remote Viewing and how it must be taught, it is crucial for interactive training lessons that provide detailed VISUAL examples to successfully understand the RV protocal.

Utilizing a non visual training method would be the equivalent of learning how to paint through a book or an audio lecture. The lack of video would make the lessons and examples far too difficult to follow and greatly inhibit your training. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

The Learn Remote Viewing DVD training program has been PROVEN to work and is widely considered the most effective course in the world!

Who can learn Remote Viewing?

Virtually anyone can learn Remote Viewing but only students taught by a credited and effective training course or instructor can claim seeing real results in less than 24 hours of training!

Do I need to be “gifted” or have any previous experience?

You do not need to “gifted” or have any previous experience of any kind. The U.S. military and Major Ed Dames developed and refined the Remote Viewing protocol so that the average person, regardless of their background, is able to pick up and utilize Remote Viewing! Whether you are someone who is knowledgably in the realm of Remote Viewing or a skeptic, curious about this incredible military tool, Remote Viewing is equally as easy to learn.

Does age matter?

Not at all! Students have been successfully trained in Remote Viewing ranging from 18 years of age to 70.

What can I use Remote Viewing for?

A Remote Viewing session begins with a “cue” which is a question that defines the data that you are seeking. These cues may consist of anything from the World’s next catastrophic event to locating your lost car keys. Only your imagination and desire limits the data you can obtain from Remote Viewing

Just as an example, Remote Viewing cues can consist of anything including:

Obtaining the truth regarding religion questions

Determining the outcome of political situations
Detailed information regarding upcoming catastrophic events
Finding missing objects and treasures
Locating missing persons
Finding Accurate medical treatments and or cures
Obtain information for assistance regarding your profession
Problem solving and research for work or at home
Information regarding event in the past, present or future
Person’s optimal health
Person’s optimal vocation
Person’s optimal mate
Person’s optimal location
Stock market and futures trading

The list is endless; if there is anything that you want to know; it can be answered with Remote Viewing!

You can count on your Remote Viewing data; your personal beliefs or previously conceived notions have absolutely no implications on the Remote Viewing process. An RV session will provide data that is absolutely truth.

How can the course be so affordable?!

Virtually everyone that purchases the Learn Remote Viewing DVD course starts out as a skeptic, but as soon as they experience the jaw-dropping effectiveness of this program, they often ask how it can be sold at such a low price when potentially it could sell for thousands!

What many are not aware of is that at one time, live RV training actually did cost between $6,000 and $12,000 – resulting in the inability for many to receive expert training! To expand the awareness of RV, Major Ed Dames and Remote Viewing Products Inc. set out to produce the best home training program in the world that would also allow access to a far greater number of people. The Learn Remote Viewing DVD course has finally shattered the long existing barrier between one’s desire to learn Remote Viewing and the astronomical costs that once accompanied expert training.

Unfortunately, there are still other training programs out there that cost between $500 and $12,000. In fact, some of our students have regrettably tried some of these ‘alternative training sources’ before discovering LearnRV.com – only to claim that the Learn Remote Viewing DVD course provided a far more effective and ‘easy to follow’ training program with more comprehensive lectures, interactive targets and real-time session results. Above all, most of these students claimed that that the Learn Remote Viewing DVD course was the only program they tried that ACTUALLY WORKED!

So, how can the Learn Remote Viewing course be so affordable? It comes down to a case of supply and demand. Unlike other training sources that overcharge due to their lower demand, the Learn Remote Viewing DVD course has become the best selling RV program in the world; receiving thousands of orders from every state in the US and from over 60 countries worldwide!

How long does it take to complete the course?

Due to the newly integrated protocols and methodologies of training presented through the DVD course, students can now learn Remote Viewing far more quickly with greater accuracy than ever before. When following directions, the entire DVD course requires at least 30-days to complete; about one week per DVD.

Keep in mind that this is the fastest one could complete the course. One can take as long as he/she requires to be comfortable with what is taught in each lesson plan. Some students have taken up to 6-months to complete the DVD course, due to their busy schedules, without any problems.

How much time per day do I need for training?

After completing a DVD, very little time is required for practicing. Each Remote Viewing session requires 30-minutes to 45-minutes to complete. At least one session every other day should be completed in-between DVDs to continue enhancing your skill.

Do I get training support with the DVD course?

YES! Major Ed Dames and his team of professional Remote Viewers are serious about your training success. As a FREE service to everyone that orders a single DVD or the entire DVD training course, you will receive LIFE-TIME online training support at the RV community forums.

Can I learn RV with the DVDs by myself?

Absolutely! The Learn Remote Viewing DVD course was designed from the ground up so that you can learn this groundbreaking skill, by yourself, in the comfort of your own residence.

The training course provides detailed instructions on how to create blind targets for yourself at home so you can continue practicing without any assistance.

Is this course like the old VHS course by Major Dames?

NO! The new Learn Remote Viewing DVD course was built entirely from the ground up; utilizing the latest protocols, training methods and targets to provide the most effective and comprehensive training program in the world! Do not be fooled by so-called “other” forms of Remote viewing or training courses. Order the training program proven to work!

Is there a difference between other training courses?

Absolutely! No matter what acronyms are assign to a Remote Viewing program (coordinate, scientific, technical) there is only one true form of Remote Viewing and like learning any new skill, a training course is only as good as the information and methods that are used for training. You can learn a skill from a “bad” source or a “good” source. This being said, you of course want a training program that is truly effective and provides detailed lesson plans while being user-friendly and easy-to-follow.

The Learn Remote Viewing DVD course is widely considered the most effective, comprehensive and easy-to-follow course in the world! To prove it, the course provides you with FREE LIFE-TIME training support. This kind of support is a testament to how incredible this new DVD training program really is!

When can I expect results from the Learn Remote Viewing DVD course?

Though the rate of learning this groundbreaking skill varies based on the individual; students generally begin obtaining results and begin hitting targets with accuracy as early as the first practice target in the Learn Remote Viewing DVD course or within the first day of live workshop training!

The entire 4-disk DVD course requires at least 30 days to complete, which by that time, students should see an incredible leap in performance and accuracy; having the means to solve real-life dilemmas and execute front loaded cues!

Imagine, in only 30 days or less, you can learn the skill necessary for finding lost items, running your optimal health trajectory, determine the world’s next catastrophic event and so on. There’s virtually no limit to the data you can obtain with Remote Viewing.


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