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iLO2 Remote Console not working – com.hp.ilo2.remc…

lanwo ayotunde


Jan 21, 2020

I was able to use Remote Console without a problem, but suddenly I cannot get it working on any HP servers. Other people can access it just fine. When I connect I get the error:


I used to be able to reload the plugin and it would work, but not anymore. I am running Java build 1.7.0_51-b13 and FireFox 28. I also tried in IE. System is Windows 7 64-bit. It seems the underlying problem is with Java itself, because it doesn’t work in IE either. I have uninstalled Java using Revo Uninstaller Pro (also did a tracked install, and another uninstall) but still no love.

I’ve found some other posts about clearing cache, accepting 3rd party cookies but that didn’t help either.

Does anyone have any suggestions to this problem, or know when HP will release an update to iLO that plays nice with later versions of Java?


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