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How To Work Remotely Effectively?

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Jan 23, 2020

Working remotely can either make – or break one. For those who have worked on a 9 to 5 basis in the office for a long time, working remotely can prove quite the challenge – imagine the boundary between home and work removed! Some however, may enjoy having more freedom and mobility to work at one’s pace away from the shackles of the boss’s prying eyes.

Whichever category of preference you may fall in, let not your fear or your extreme excitement break you when it comes to working remotely! Here are our top four tips on how to work remotely effectively from home:

1. Establish a work schedule and stick to it!

Even from home, consistency is the key! One should have a routine to adhere to, for example, establishing work to start at 8am every day without fail. Take a proper lunch break and limit that to just an hour (no matter how tempted you are to extend it).


End your work day at when you normally leave the office. Take note of when you are most productive and set your routine around that period to get the most out of it (I know some of you fellas work better at odd hours of the day, but hey everyone is different!). Hey, that’s what flexibility is all about!

2. Stay connected

It is easier to focus if your subconsciousness suddenly realises that somehow, somewhere, someone is keeping a tab on you. Stay online at all times and let your presence be known through work chat portals so that others can see that you are available (and always try to be available!).

Connect with your colleagues or even ‘over-connect’ so that there will be constant flow of information and updates on work progress. Initially, it may feel as though you are ‘bothering’ someone but an effective and thorough communication will ensure that you’re on the right track.


If you ever feel lonely working from home, take a breather by chatting with your colleagues about last night’s series on iFlix, online streaming sites, or other non-work programs on national free-to-air television! (not sure if anyone still follows that though). That will not only keep you awake, but will give you that much needed ‘office interaction’ and ‘relationship building’ with your work peers.

3. Persistence and Perseverance

We only know too well that working from home makes one lose sight of goals and objectives all too easily. How not to if you’re sitting in your PJs, on your bed while trying to complete that project? It’s just too damn comfy! That’s why we would advocate setting objectives and making sure that they are achieved within a certain timeline. Setting your goals in with a timeline keeps you on track. For instance, bi-weekly deliverables is one way to go!

Another thing is that one should try to avoid is going for entertaining, non-work appointments in the middle of the day. Say no to ‘yum cha’ sessions or window shopping during your assigned working hours! Persistence and perseverance can only be upheld when there are minimal disruptions. Especially if the disruptions are the entertaining kind, which will make your mind lose that ‘working sharpness’.


4. Making your workplace comfortable

Keeping your workplace comfortable (but away from the bed!) is essential not only for getting your tasks completed efficiently but also for minimizing distractions. Invest in a comfortable work space equipped with WiFi, a good chair, small bites (not too much if you don’t want to bloat up) and a door.

Yes, a DOOR – because you will need that quietness for you to think, or even for a Skype session! If you have kids at home, teach them to respect your workspace so that they know when you shouldn’t be disturbed.


Working remotely can first seem out of the norm but it can be an excellent way to increase work productivity, creativity, and that flame running! Keep in mind though that with remote work your employers will expect you to consistently deliver results as a way of conveying your work progress.

So don’t slack off…and get out of that bed!

Got other great tips to keep working effectively? Share it with us!




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