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Remote working: 12 Helpful Tips For Working Remotely

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Sep 1, 2021

12 Helpful Tips For Working Remotely

Working remotely became something that many organizations were forced to do as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These helpful tips for working remotely we want to share with you in this article will help you whether you are a newbie to working remotely or you have been in the game for long and you are looking for ways of boosting your productivity.

Below are 12 helpful tips for working remotely.

#1 Maintain a workspace in your house

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Maintaining a workspace in your home will help to keep you focused and it will also give those around you a signal that you’re working and you don’t want to be distracted. If you don’t have a spare room to use as your workspace at home, you could just create a small area around your home where you won’t easily get distracted by your family members. Get a table that can accommodate your computer, mobile devices, and other work materials.

Also, practice keeping your workspace organized so that you don’t have to start ransacking for your work materials when you need to use them. Keeping your workspace organized will also make others have a good impression of you during Zoom meetings.

#2 Create a morning routine

If you work remotely, creating a morning routine is very vital. You should have a routine that indicates the beginning of your day. Routines help to keep you focused, and they guide you on what you should do at different times. Don’t underestimate the power of creating a routine for yourself.

Look out for a habit you have and use it as a signal to begin your workday after it. It could be returning home from the gym, it could be bathing and brushing your teeth, or even drinking a cup of coffee.

#3 Set ground rules with the individuals in your workspace

If you are not the only one in your home, it is pertinent that you set ground rules for the other occupants in your home so they don’t consistently distract you when you are working.

If you have children, let them know that they cannot invade your workspace at a certain time. Keep them busy with something so they don’t distract you during work hours. If you share your workspace with an adult, it will be good you let them know about your meeting times, quiet times, and how they should use your office equipment or work materials.

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#4 Take breaks

It is good to be hardworking and it is also good that you learn how to beat deadlines but you should practice taking breaks at different intervals. Go for a lunch break and practice taking your eyes off your computer or mobile devices for at least fifteen minutes daily. If your work requires you to always sit while working, you should learn to stand up and move your body often to aid the easy circulation of blood in your body. If you forget to go for breaks most times, set an alarm that would serve as a reminder to you.

#5 Request for help when you need things

Don’t assume that your employer knows what you need. Request for help when you need it. It could be airtime to call clients or data to carry out your project or join an online meeting or anything. Communicate often with your employer about your needs so that you are not deprived of anything you need to help you work comfortably. Don’t purchase work materials with your money especially when you know your organization is responsible for that. 

#6 Leave your home sometimes

Staying in one spot all day is not healthy for you. Sometimes, leave your home and take a walk around where you stay. You could take a walk with a friend or your pet and allow fresh air to touch your body. Leave your home before during and after your work hours so you can feel energized. If you work in an office building, you should practice this tip too. Leave your office building sometimes and take a walk before returning to your office space.

#7 Learn to socialize with your colleagues


Feeling lonely and isolated is a common feeling amongst those that work remotely. You must learn to socialize with your colleagues often so you don’t feel lonely and disconnected from others. When a hangout is organized in your team, do well to attend so you can feel alive. Even if you’re an introvert, it will be good you socialize with your colleagues sometimes, so you can get to know more about them. 

#8 Be active during meeting hours

Working remotely will require you to participate in video conferences or conference calls, ensure you are active during those meetings. Share your opinions on any subject that requires your attention so that other participants will be aware that you are present. When you are leaving a meeting, ensure you exchange pleasantries like, “I had a great time here today. Thank you, everyone.” Be courteous during meetings, don’t just interrupt anyone speaking, indicate you want to speak before you start talking in a meeting.

#9 Look out for your health

One thing you should not trivialize is your health. Don’t be so overwhelmed with work that you forget to take care of your health. When you are sick, take some days off so you can recuperate. Your employer should have a policy where you can take some days off work when you are sick. If you don’t rest when you are sick, it will affect your productivity at work.

# 10 Learn to communicate effectively

Working remotely requires you to learn how to communicate effectively so your colleagues can easily decode the messages you send. Inform your colleagues and those you share your home with about your schedule so they will know when you are busy and when you’re less busy. Don’t just assume they will understand, communicate with them effectively. If you are working on a project with your teammates, inform them when you finish the task assigned to you. If you would be going for a vacation, keep reiterating it when you converse with your team members so it will be registered in their minds.

#11 Learn to stay positive

It is very easy to misinterpret messages that are sent to you by your boss or colleagues at work. Instead of reacting rashly when you get a message, learn to take some time to fully understand what the message means. Be positive at all times no matter the work pressure you have. Don’t try to transfer your aggression to your colleagues or family members around you.

#12 Practice ending your day with a routine too

The same way you begin your day with a routine is the same way you should create a routine that helps you end your workday. You could choose to end your day by turning off your computer and playing your favorite songs or listening to a podcast or taking a walk with your dog. Consistently do something that signals the end of your working hours. It will relieve you of the day’s stress and also make you productive for the next day’s task.

Final thoughts

If you can adhere strictly to the helpful tips for working remotely we provided for you in this article, your productivity would be enhanced and you will start to enjoy working remotely.

Always maintain an organized workspace in your house, create a routine that works for you, take breaks while working, and don’t trivialize your health.

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