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Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan – Remote control stopped working! Review 54263

lanwo ayotunde


Jan 21, 2020


I bought two Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans at Lowe’s last year… one for my bedroom and one for the Florida Room. I have had no problems whatsoever with the one installed in the Florida Room. However, the remote control has completely stopped working on the fan in my bedroom. I have tried re-setting it but have not had any luck. As it is now, I cannot turn anything on or off with the remote control and the bad thing is that it only came with a remote control; i.e., there is no pull string for back-up. Anybody got any suggestions on how to correct this problem? I checked the Lowe’s website and a replacement remote control costs $50.98 and I only paid something like $59.99 for each ceiling fan. What’s wrong with this picture? Thank you for your time and assistance, if possible.


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