• Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

Genie remote stopped working for tv

lanwo ayotunde


Jan 20, 2020

I have a year old Genie remote that has been working fine for the past year with our Panasonic tv.

Out of nowhere it has now stopped working in controlling the tv (volume and on/off). I went and reprogrammed the remote to the Genie box and also made sure it was in IR mode, also deleted the tv and set it back up in the remote settings menu and it still doesn’t work.

Any thoughts and ideas? Bad HDMi cable? Bad remote as all other functions work fine on the remote?

Also, it is a new Panasonic 4k tv and has been working fine the past 11 months until now.

I even went in to manual mode and choose code by code and hit next each time to try to see if one code would work but our actual tv model does pull up in the drop down as well (panasonic TC65AX800u)


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