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“it is excellent website for those people who…”

Angelique P.


it is excellent website for those people who want to work at home, i personally used and found it very good,

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“Beware with freelancer.com”

robert r.


Beware with freelancer.com. They are a scam website.

So i hired a person to do a website. Long story short. The guy did the website the way he wanted. many things didnt work. the website was really slow and i couldnt use it at all. So i complained to the website. They held the money and told me to keep talking to them and the freelancer.

so i keep taking to them for about 3 months. suddendly i wasnt getting any response anymore for about 5 months. except i kept sending emails which was ignored by both of them.

so after 5 months i receive an email saying that the money (over $200) was released to the freelancer for lack of response.

Lack of response? come on. i have email every time several times and i even chat with you guys that took us nowhere. i have proof as i send everything through gmail.

But of course they will favor the freelancer. if they give the money back to me they get zip. but if they give the money to the freelancer the get a a cut of the money.

so no wonder they don’t care about the buyers. i have use so many other websites and this is one of the worst. So beware with freelancer.com. they are scamers.

specially buyers. don’t go there. got to elance.com. and always pay with american express as they are very good in helping this kind of problems. lesson learned. never hire people from freelancer.com

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June 20th, 2019

Verified purchase

that was very useful and thank you so much Judthat was very useful and thank you so much Judiththat was very useful and thank you so much Judiththat was very useful and thank you so much Judiththat was very useful and thank you so much Judiththat was very useful and thank you so much Judiththat was very useful and thank you so much Judiththat was very useful and thank you so much Judiththat was very useful and thank you so much Judiththat was very useful and thank you so much Judiththat was very useful and thank you so much Judiththat was very useful and thank you so much Judithith


Freelancer site is a very fair and trusted site. Even when I make a mistake in not checking the rules in the description which causes the project not finished by the provider and took the money. The freelancer site helps me to contact the provider several times. As usual, some do not respond. In no time Phoebe the site manager help to refund me the prize money that I previously paid. I really appreciate their help in this matter. I’ll recommend freelancer to all who need help in their project, as this is the most trusted site for me so far. Thank you again Freelancer and Phoebe!


” data-title=”” data-username=”Eric T.” href=”https://static0.sitejabber.com/img/urls/582298/picture_131926.1570705147.jpg”>


September 27th, 2019

Verified purchase

I have recently talk with Rhian C (Freelancer Support Team person) they have help and guide me very perfectly & also in detail.

Also before i have also talk with other Support Team persons of Freelancer who has guide me a lot and explain and resolved all my queries and issues very perfectly and nicely.

Lastly, i’m feeling glad and proud that i am with Freelancer and i have such a sort of awesome and fast support team, keep it up…

Thank you to Freelancer and its Support team again.


Free lancing is a newly innovated way of working from home or anywhere, where you get the opportunity to be self employed and being your own boss


” data-title=”” data-username=”Queeeeen m.” href=”https://static1.sitejabber.com/img/urls/582298/picture_119851.1563753489.jpg”>


I was oDesk freelancer since 2011 to 2015. In middle of 2015 I switched to freelancer.com. Why?
1. This is the largest freelance platform.
2. Available Buyers and Freelancers.
3. Solid payment terms.
4. User friendly interface.
5. Various type of facilities for both (employee and freelancers)

But still have some scope to improve, I’m suggesting time to time, if they evaluate users concerns. Like – If they decrease freelancers project charges, it would be much better.

Thank you all.


” data-title=”” data-username=”Anwar H.” href=”https://static2.sitejabber.com/img/urls/582298/picture_133339.1571214618.jpg”>


I got charged automatically from your site and I wanted to get refund so I visited your site and was wondering what I should do.

with chatting system I started chatting with assistance Oscar. J who is responding so fast and gentle.

Actually I didn’t expect that I could got response as quick as I had

However Oscar. J was responded so kindly and helpfully
Furthermore he asked me further questions whether I want to get money back to my debit card or just remain it on my freelancer account!

really convenient with your service manner and system from him(or her?)!!


” data-title=”” data-username=”Jihyun K.” href=”https://static1.sitejabber.com/img/urls/582298/picture_119977.1563850897.jpg”>


Freelancer is easy to use and trustworthy, it does take time to be awarded and chosen on a project, but if you keep bidding and if you’re persistent you’ll get a chance to show your worth. Their support team is fast and efficient, I contacted them about a question I had on their online chat and Jessica B. responded in 2 minutes, 2 MINUTES!
Anyway, great site, great support team, completely recommend.


September 27th, 2019

Verified purchase

Rhian C helped me out with my problem. He was superefficient and extremely nice, solved my problem in very little time. Could say goodbye cause my internet went off. Amazing customer service. Thumbs up!


September 28th, 2019

Verified purchase

I accidentally awarded a contest within a few hours of opening. The customer services agent very sensibly contacted both parties to resolve the issue. And made a thought out judgement when an agreement could not be reached. The fact that it felt like some one actually looked at the issue and made decisions based on the facts was fantastic.
I was expecting a standard bland email/response

Thank you for your help. It has helped me to trust the freelancer site for future use.


Had a problem with upgraded my membership and general support person Eula R. resolved the problem and offer an accepted solution.


September 28th, 2019

Verified purchase

I am very impressed by Noelle’ good support. Really helpful. Fast reply and resolution.
In the future, I will contact him again


September 27th, 2019

Verified purchase

Adeline is done everything for me. highly recommended! thankyou!


September 28th, 2019

Verified purchase

Сarefully studied my problem . Very polite, tried to help


July 18th, 2019

Verified purchase

I had problem about messages. I was not allowed to respond to some private messages. Frieda S. helped me to understand what happened: the projects was not awarded to me or deleted.
She also gave me advices abouts bidding on the site and gave me a link to Freelaners Scams. Very useful!


Oscar J was able to provide me with professional service and resolve my issue immediately. He was extremely effective in looking into my issue.


Thank you to Eula R who not only help me fix up all my mistakes from setting up and organised a refund , she waited whilst I updated my information and checked and then asked me if there was anything else when I thought I was finished


April 8th, 2019

Verified purchase

I Got a project from an employer on Freelancer.com. Later on his account got blocked due to any reason.i lost my project fee and also lost my payment for the work i had done. But Katie R assist me in such a nice way and i got back project fee as a credit and my payment as upgrading my membership. Am so glad with freelancer.com and Katie R.
Thanks Katie R Such a nice lady to talk with.I Appreciate her Assistance in geting my money back.

July 22nd, 2019

Verified purchase

Getting a fast and friendly Help for my Problem. Understand and solve my Problem fast . Thank you

Getting a fast and friendly Help for my Problem. Understand and solve my Problem fast . Thank you


March 14th, 2019

Verified purchase

Stephanie M. was a great help in my contest issues, and resolved it to my satisfaction. Couldn’t ask for anything more from a support 🙂


July 21st, 2019

Verified purchase

I came here to cancel my membership but she gave me other offer, which I was not able reject, she is really good in front of customers.


May 22nd, 2019

Verified purchase

I had an unfortunate situation where a guaranteed contest I was about to was deleted, due to violation of terms by the contest holder. It is disappointing that my effort had gone to waste, considering that it was listed by “guaranteed” by the website itself. Nevertheless, I was able to obtain information about the cancellation at the help center, from my chat with Anastasia D. She was helpful and understanding, and even though there was not much to be done to help this wrong situation, I appreciated her language and aid.


July 21st, 2019

Verified purchase

Everything ok;I asked questions and I got the answers which I needed 🙂 ……………………………………………..


July 22nd, 2019

Verified purchase

The person was very spontaneous and a good communicator. Solve my problem quickly. Very good Communication skills.


I contacted the support team for my dormant account fees and they were very supportive in restoring it.

Thanking you.


I had an issue with a charge from freelancer and Freelancer assisstance helped me a lot to solve it… oh yes a lot.

Q&A (281)


I’m a victim myself. I already stop using this more than a year ago. I’m surprised that the complains reach thousand plus and still counting… if that doesn’t satisfy you I don’t know what else will… goodluck

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Freelancer.com focused on employer only, they just want as many employer and project as they can regardless of their country, verification status and deposits. However all the restriction is for employee. This is the reason Freelancer didn’t stop them to post project without deposit. almost 90% projects are fake (either posted by freelancer itself or fake/fraud employers). You have to be careful. keep following things in mind will prevent you from fraud much.
1. Don’t work for Employers from India/Bangladesh/Sri Lanka/Nigeria/Israel
2. Don’t work for Employers whose name looks like Indian
3. Once the project is awarded to you, don’t accept it unless the employer created initial milestone. Wait for at least 12 hours after milestone creation then accept it.
4. Ask for release step by step, don’t work on next milestone unless previous is not released
5. Withdraw money from freelancer as fast as you can.

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They will ROB you!
There is no phone number to call and if there is a problem you will have to hunt them down on all social media sites to maybe get a respond that will make you even more mad
They are requiring that you will send them a copy of your ID
With all the hacks online there is no way people will agree to these terms

I payed with PayPal and dispute all the transactions
It was the only way to get my money back

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Hi Dejan. This happened to me in 2014, I lost a lot of money too, I withdrew the money on a Wednesday after the client had paid me $1000 in full. Then the next day, Thursday, I got a message that my withdrawal request was cancelled and the money reversed back to employer. My account was suspended and when I asked why, I was told that the employer looked like he was fraudulent and that the money might be fraud. Up to date, I am still bitter, angry and sad over that $1000 but I never got it back and Freelancer closed the person’s account and that was that. So I hope this answers some of your questions and I am deeply sorry for your loss after such hard work. All the best

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I had hired a freelancer to design a logo for my company. i hired him and had to pay him ₹1500($25 approx). i selected the payment method as paypal which was accepted on their website, a receipt was generated for ₹1500($25 approx) and i paid. after the payment was successful suddenly i realised that ₹100000($1534.80) were debited from my account instead of ₹1500($25 approx).

i immediately emailed and chatted with the customer service of freelancer and they said they will refund, but after 2 days had passed nothing happened. i again contacted them and they said that they have refunded the amount back to my paypal account and even gave me a receipt for the refund. after another 2 days the balance dint show on my paypal account, i again contacted freelancer and they said that the fault is because of the paypal service. i contacted paypal and they said that no refund was initiated from freelancer and if they do have refunded they(freelancer) have to call paypal and sort the matter. i told the incident to freelancer and they then agreed that they had held up my payment and wont give it back until i called paypal and tell them that i dont want a refund as it destroys the reputation of freelancer and also makes ‘matter complicated’. i called paypal again letting them know that freelancer wants to me close the dispute. paypal strictly advised not to close the dispute as then refunding my money will be next to impossible.

i have till now mailed freelancer over 25 times and every time they blackmail me by saying closed the dispute and then we will see how much and when to refund. i gave them a warning that ill go to court and still they dint agree, after i was adamant that i will not close the dispute and will move to court, they are now for over 4 days keep replying me the message saying that my case has been transferred to another department and i will hear from them within 48hours. its been many days now and since the start i have been jumping from talking to their department to department (chat, refund, verification, billing and more).

freelancer has now even limited my account and are threatening to block it and not refund the money at all. after searching on the net i found thousands of other similar cases where freelancer debits money or doesnt refund the left balance of a customer back to them. freelancer even agreed to the mistake of by fault debiting $1500 instead of ₹1500, but isnt refunding.

iam a very small man compared to this billion dollar company and i dont know what to do. these guys dont have any phone numberemail of managementaddress in my country. please help me, i can provide with any proof you like. i even have saved all the chats and emails.

thank you
varun anand


Dispute it with PayPal! Another beautiful example of why everyone hates Freelancer.

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I would advise you against giving your credit card details. Freelancer is prone to setting up automatic recurring charges without giving you a clear heads up and lots of users have complained of getting automatically deducted for awarded projects even if you haven’t been paid for the project yet. Their customer service is shady as heck too.

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Contact Paypal and file a dispute. I got a refund for the monthly amount that they should not have charged me for.

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Good afternoon Rostyslav, unfortunately this has happened to most users of Freelancer including people who have been awarded projects.

Ensure that you do not start any work or event accept a project until the following criteria have been met:

1. Project awarded
2. Initial milestone/deposit created
3. Client agrees to release the first payment immediately after you accepting the project.

If they are unable to do this, tell then politely that you are unwilling to start on the project and keep looking for honest, legitimate clients.

Be careful at all time on this website, even if you do vey thing by the book and the client still doesn’t pay, the Freelancer support team will not help you. It is left to you to contact the client and chase the payment even of they delete their account.

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Freelancer is scam. I have very bad experience recently. “The payments you’ve received from your employer “———–” were reversed due to their account issues. As a result, their account was closed”
Lost over 800$. Freelancer also keep the fee for this job !!! Their support never answer. SCAM

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Don’t share you card. Use Paypal.. First of all don’t use freelancer they are scammers.

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