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Freelance Players – Rehearsal for Life

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Jan 7, 2020

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The Freelance Players engages youth in the creation and performance of original musical theater for audiences of all ages while fostering imagination, self-expression, empathy, and confidence in young people.

Through six performance Troupes across Greater Boston and story theater classes for younger children, the Freelance Players promotes community by building bridges across ethnic, geographic and socio-economic boundaries. Each Troupe produces two original musicals a year which are performed around the community, many free of charge as a public service.

The Freelance Players Troupes are proud to be a member of Massachusetts Cultural Council’s EBT for Culture program.

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2019 Freelance Family Party

Our daughter loves being part of Freelance! I am so appreciative that you have created this amazing environment where the girls and the boys support each other and feel connected to one another.

Freelance Parent

Thank you for all your work with the Troupe – their performance was wonderful! My children have loved being in Freelance, and I am so impressed with the confidence they have gained, and the joy they get from being on stage. They are already excited for the spring season! Thank you for the attention and care you show to all the kids.

Freelance Parent,

Freelance was the first place where I felt like I truly belonged and had something to offer. You taught me how to use my voice and be proud of who I was. I made some of the greatest friends and was at home. Freelance gave me so much. I’m a Freelance kid, through and through.

Allie Glickman, Freelance Alum

This year’s production was a blast, and it’s wonderful how much our daughter enjoys taking part in your theatrical company. You’ve made her a thespian for life!

Freelance Parent,

We’ve two very different children enrolled in Freelance and a third counting down the days until she can audition.
Our eldest relishes her roles on the stage, and her growing role within Freelance as an ‘elder’ of her troupe and within the Freelance community.
Our son has found a comfortable space to test his courage and share in the arts: from the safety of the auditions to the support of your team as the kids move to the stage, we are watching him grow and are thankful.

Freelance Parent,

Thank you again for helping all the actors, and in particular our child, put on three fantastic shows! We were so impressed with everyone and everything about it!

Freelance Parent,

This will be my daughter’s third year in the Troupes. She loves it! I was so excited for her to participate since I was a Player. My daughter’s presence and confidence has taken leaps and bounds, and she has learned to work together as part of an ensemble.

Julie Stuecken, Driscoll Troupe Parent & Former Freelance Player

Our daughter has loved being part of Freelance Players. She feels a strong connection with the staff and other kids. Having been in other theater groups, I can definitely say that you guys do an amazing job of making each child feel known and an important part of the show. This is the reason we do the drive so far each week!

Freelance Parent,

Words cannot express how grateful we are for all that you have done for our child.

What you have created at Freelance is not just a brilliant introduction to the world of the performing arts, but a stage for kids to express and to learn about who they are!

What can be more important than that!

When kids (and adults for that matter) are anxious or stressed out learning, growing and healing opportunities are limited. Your love for the kids and for the art creates a safe, loving and supported community, and only through that kids can thrive.

Our child came to Freelance anxious, shy, and without any self-esteem. With your help our child is now confident, strong and happy. What a transformation, which would not have been possible without your help.

Rehearsal for life” is not just your slogan, it is exactly what you provide the kids with. We will be forever grateful.

Freelance Parent,

Freelance has given my daughter the opportunity to find her own voice and unique journey. It is an unbelievably encouraging environment, and her confidence outside of the troupe dramatically improved. It’s been such a pleasure watching her self-esteem and acceptance of herself improve over the year.

Can’t thank you enough for your support!

Freelance Parent,

We wanted to thank you for welcoming [our daughters] into the program.

Through it, they received a wonderful introduction to theatre that will certainly enrich their lives for many years to come. Weeks after the play, the girls routinely sing the play’s songs at home. Borkdumps and Blinding Skags have become part of our family dialogue. We look forward to another show in the fall!

Freelance Parent,

I’m thankful because you helped me boost my confidence, and you helped me show my true self around people I don’t really know. You also helped me speak up when I have something to say. Thank you for helping me become who I am now.

Freelance Student,

I just wanted to reach out to thank you for all that you do for the children — not just in JP Players, but in all your theater troupes. This was my son’s first production involvement, and I only wish we’d have gotten him involved sooner. The experience for him was so positive, instructive and confidence building. His community is now so much larger and richer. We look forward to future involvement with JP Players.

Freelance Parent

(The) musical direction and piano playing was magnificent! Freelance is such a professional organization – directors, support staff, musicians, costume & set designers, writers! Bravo to all of you for giving so many kids throughout the Boston area a wonderful musical theater experience and a community that will last a lifetime!

Freelance Parent

Freelance Players is a proud member of Massachusetts Cultural Council’s EBT to Culture program.


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