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Jan 8, 2020

10 reasons freelance recruitment leaflet
Printed copies of the freelance
10 reasons to join leaflets
are available to order.

If you work as a freelance, the NUJ is the union for you.

As someone who works from home for a variety of different employers, or as a freelance at an office, or a specialist contributor – you need the protection of a trade union.

Our freelance members work in broadcasting, new media, public relations, newspapers, magazines and books. You may be a writer, reporter, editor, sub-editor, photographer, illustrator, designer, trainer, researcher or public relations professional.

Whatever your expertise, you are welcome in the NUJ. As a freelance worker, you can sometimes feel isolated and undervalued. Freelances may be paid late and frequently have to negotiate their rights and contractual terms. We have the expertise and experience you need to help.

You are not alone. There are thousands of NUJ freelance members out there who belong to branches and networks and who regularly discuss issues of importance to freelances and use their collective voice to win better terms and conditions.

“I’m a freelance journalist, give me one good reason why I should join the NUJ”

We’ll give you TEN:

  1. Getting paid
  2. Getting advice
  3. Copyright
  4. Press cards
  5. Training
  6. Insurance
  7. Getting work
  8. Press freedom
  9. An international voice
  10. Communication

Read more about the TEN reasons to join.

What the NUJ can do for you

London has the most freelance journalists of any city in the UK – the London freelance branch website can keep you informed about what’s going on.

Read what NUJ members have said about why you should join the union.

If you work as a freelance and are not yet a member of the NUJ, join us.

Join the NUJ

Read How to use Google tools as a journalist: thisevent with the Google News Lab looked at how journalists can make use of the search engine’s tools. Videos of the sessions are now available to members.

Read Get it in writing….and always ask for more the NUJ’s conference on boosting freelance skills from 16 January 2016.

Read the report about the NUJ’s conference on New Ways to Make Journalism Pay from 17 November 2012.

Read Help Yourself – New Ways To Make Copyright Pay – a free, downloadable book on ways to profit from freelance work (members only).

Read the Guidelines for Metropolitan Police Service staff on dealing with media reporters, press photographers and television crews.

Read the NUJ’s Small Claims Guide 2015. This booklet has been produced by the NUJ’s solicitors, Thompsons to assist members who find it necessary to sue a client for non-payment, without the assistance (and costs) of a solicitor.

The Authors’ Licencing and Collecting Society (ALCS) is an organisation which collects money due to its members for secondary rights of their work, for example photocopying and repeat use via the internet. It also campaigns to ensure writers receive fair and adequate payment. Join ALCS. What we can do for you

Freelance industrial council (FIC)

Freelance Industrial Council members are elected from geographical constituencies, including continental Europe, so every freelance has a representative voice from their area.

Find out who represents you on FIC.


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