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lanwo ayotunde


Nov 15, 2019

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Need some action animations. When applying, please indicate how much you charge per minute for an action animation? very similar to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaTfo5TeX-E I have materials but they may be sub par to your talent, so give me a cost that you can do making characters and environment.

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The survey is about investigating the reaction of people towards digital work in South Africa mainly through the lens of crowdsourcing. The survey consists of an online question which is filled in by respondents over a one-week period. Respondents need to have basic skills in using computers in IT and should be living in South Africa. Respondents with little or some experience in doing paid…

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My branding and innovation agency is conducting a client workshop in Utah on Dec 4, and we need an experienced illustrator to bring some of the discussion and ideas to life real-time in sketch format. If this is something you’re able to do, please apply for job.

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I have a audio recording that I need cleaned up and some fine detail work done to about 15 minutes of the whole thing. There are whispers, something that sounds like a voice box, and very deep voices that you can hear but not totally. I am need of it ASAP. It’s from my nanny cam and it’s my grandson on there and this is really important. Are you willing or able to help me?

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I have a plate in which I would like to have 10 words painted onto it. A simple project that would not take much time, but I desire the handiwork of someone who is artistic. I need to have this done within the next two weeks, and I can accommodate your schedule to find time to bring it to you. It is for a graduation gift which will be in a counseling office where people will see it daily. I…

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This be a bit too last minute or too short, but herd goes… I will be arriving in to Auckland in the next few days and the plan is surprise my son after his last exam (Tuesday 26th November 2019) by being at the gates as he leaves college. He knows I’m flying to NZ but he thinks in I’m coming in December before his 18th Birthday. So initially I was thinking it would be great to have a…

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I have the idea, the dialogue, the stories…..I just can’t draw to save my life. I am looking for someone that can look at my idea, listen to what my vision for the comic strip is and make it come to life.

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I need some art work and design for a brand called Funky Skunky. It will be a line of novelty products for the Canadian ******** consumer. To start with it will be metal wall art, keychains, magnets, coasters and possibly stickers. I like the style and feel of the cards. “Wacky Packs” and “Garbage Pail Kids” But I want to regularly have new sets, like “Magic the Gathering” So after the…

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Looking for a designer to make a creative logo for a car detailing product. I want the logo to reflect the ingenuity of the company, competitive, winning attitude and love for the automotive world. Elements will be a gold trophy, a crest/emblem, an olive branch, and whatever else you feel is right. Inspiration logos can be Tesla, Ferrari and Porsche.

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Paralegal needed to assist in various tasks: collections, calendaring, and court filings. Work will be compensated on an hourly basis for some tasks or other arrangements for other tasks, including per job compensation based on fees recovered. Must be familiar with Word, Excel, PDF and court filing systems. Will train on legal duties and calendaring. Ability to tile search and record…

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I have created a triangle shape character called ‘Stinker’. and I’m trying to make emoticon with the character. Please draw 34 emotions with it.(png) (like: angry, very angry, happy, sad, very sad, Bluffing, pain, funny, scoff, ‘are you looking at me!’, get off! shot up! be quiet! silence, Please, thanks, TA! sorry, very sorry, Parden! let it go, let’s go! Shall we? Be happy! don’t be…

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We are in need of a highly creative animator to bring to life our next short film about border bullying. It involves bird characters, and all are already created. It is a very funny film with a relevant message. The illustrations for each scene is done except for 5 ending scenes. the sound is already done as well. Our first short, Tapping Tango won several international awards. Your work will…

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The redemption journey of the devil returning to the Throne of God and asking for forgiveness, to only then be betrayed the heavenly host brethren igniting a new holy war between heaven and the lost paradise. The Devil searches and discovers Ace the only human-weapon able to annihilate God. I will like a comic/fantasy art style of 12 pages worth of illustrations depicting the 1 chapter of the…

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I am looking for a illustrator for a fashion designing project. I will provide the details of the garment through flat drawings and will provide the brief for the character that is required. For the current test, the model has to be an afro-american male. The illustration has to be a full body. The final files required are in an illustrator (*.ai) or an editable pdf format. Once selected…

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We have many short clips of video of our wedding shot in 4k and we are looking for someone to edit them and put them together into a nice 3-5 minute wedding video with music on top. There are some videos that the sound is a bit fuzzy (due to background wind) and an edit on this would be a great addition. If you are interested, please apply for job and I hope to see some of your past work to…

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Pro colorist needed for limited series Noire/Crime Melodrama First Edition: 28 pages in pencils/inks stage NOW, Inks should be complete by mid-December 2019. Print run tentative for February 2020. Realistic style with good sensibilities of light and texture wanted. Sample page will be provided to serious candidates with $10 “audition” stipend paid on completion. Budget for rendered: $20/…

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Looking for an editor familiar with sports shows. The 23-24 minutes of footage will recap weekly highlights from an international basketball league. The editor will have to put highlights with voiceovers and music , transition into interviews and other all access footage. With a turnaround time of 24 hours. Needs to be in the Boston area.

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It is for giving a presentation to public need explanation pages. We would Explain the mechanism of our idea with illustration, animation or drawing. 1st page might show inside a future car(battery car with AI system) 2. A passenger is sitting and smile 3. The passenger could be seen while he is breathing in and out the air of car It shows the flow going into his nose with our spray…

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Bakery opening up soon and I need to get in contact with a state certified / commercial electrician to propose a job in the Cincinnati / Fairfield Ohio area .

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I am looking for a writer that is ready to offer her or his services to write a book about the story of a family member that had her child kidnapped by her husband and who found back her child 12 years later. Writer must live max 6 hours drive from Montreal, could also be from Athens Greece or Istanbul Turkey and Toulouse France.

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