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Freelance for Daily Kos

lanwo ayotunde


Dec 18, 2019

Submission Guidelines

Freelancers, are you ready to bring your unique take to our readers on the politics of the day, shedding light on — and advancing — stories that are often overlooked by traditional media? If so, we’re looking for pitches from you to complement our mix of staff-written and community-contributed stories.

Pitching exclusive stories
First and foremost, we’re looking for stories from around the country that haven’t appeared in other media or have been underreported by major outlets. From environmental justice stories focusing on communities of color, to policy takes on matters that disproportionately affect the LGBT community, to investigative dives into federal, state or local agencies, we want them. Your stories should inform the widest possible audience—whether their interests lie with the legislature, popular culture, gender and ethnicity, or even science and health. Smart essays are also welcome that ponder the meaning, effect, and inequities of societal issues around the country—from the #MeToo movement to the current administration’s immigration policies. We would especially like to keep stories in the spotlight well after national media has forgotten about them. The Flint water crisis comes to mind. Or the lasting impacts of hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria on rural and urban communities. Or police violence and African American resistance—all are examples of issues that should keep our collective attention, but that often fall by the wayside. We’d like you to help us remedy that.

Pitching news stories
Daily Kos has a full-time staff of writers who cover a wide range of breaking news stories. That said, there are dozens of local and regional stories each day that deserve to receive national attention—stories that often get overlooked. If you have a daily news story you think we should run, send us a pitch of a few paragraphs in length and explain why the story is important and why, specifically, you believe Daily Kos should run it. Again, these should be news stories that would resonate with our progressive audience—with emphasis on stories that shed new light on a certain matter or strike up a call to action.

Pitching opinion and commentary
We welcome insightful commentary on the intersection of cultural and political issues, social movements and public policy—environmental justice, gun control, #metoo and #timesup are but a few of the timely and provocative issues we’d like to see tackled. We are specifically soliciting views that offer nuanced and overlooked analysis, with personal stories and/or expertise expressed in a persuasive and engaging voice that informs our liberal audience.

Familiarize yourself with our website and our approach to news
Before sending us your ideas, be sure to explore our website—from our front page to our robust community hub. You’ll notice that our front page consists of stories containing excerpts of news reports from outside sources interspersed with commentary and expert analysis from our staff writers. As a freelancer, we’re looking for something different from you—stories that are entirely based on your original reporting. It’s important that you come to the task with a strong rolodex of sources and/or deep knowledge of your subject matter. Again, we’re looking for stories that will supplement our existing coverage and expand upon issues important to our audience.

Writing with voice
Another thing you’ll notice in reviewing our site is that our writers have more latitude to write with voice than many other sites you may be familiar with. We encourage you to write in a conversational, informative voice that engages our readers and furthers the lively debate that takes place between commenters across our website. We appreciate strong, unique voices and encourage all of our writers to tackle current issues with bright, interesting, smart language and attitude.

We pay competitive rates based on word count, subject matter, and format or medium of submission. Payments will usually be made within 30 days of a story’s publication.

Please submit your pitches, a resume and at least three samples of your work to pitch@dailykos.com.


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