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Freelance Excel VBA Jobs

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Jan 19, 2020

Find the latest Excel and VBA related work for data science and business analytics

Automated Cantilever Retaining Wall Structural Design Excel Sheet As Per Is 456 : 2000 (Sun, 19 Jan 2020)
Calculate earth pressure coefficients based on Rankine s theory and Coulomb s theory.
Calculate Lateral earth pressure forces acting on the wall.
Analysis of the wall to check various stability conditions and calculate Factor of safety.
The retaining wall is not be designed for providing shear key.
Skills: Excel VBA, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering
Import Data To Spreadsheet Via Vba (Sun, 19 Jan 2020)
Hey guys
I am trying to pull data from 2 different websites (4 pages total) and have them inserted into my spreadsheet –
Have been trying to use this website but was getting a little tricky working out the correct tags to pull every time!!
Process/successful operation – Type a code into B3 and it will goto the website 1 and pull up 5 bits of information – Then goto another website (3 different pages) and pull up tables from that website
Flick me a message and I will send you the spreadsheet template
Budget: $10
Skills: Excel VBA, Excel, Microsoft Excel, Data Extraction, Data Mining
Excel Vba – Modifications To Existing Tool (Sat, 18 Jan 2020)
We are looking for an Excel VBA freelancer to provide periodic updates to an existing Excel tool our company uses to search data sets to identify records that meet several filter criteria as well as searching for duplicate parcel numbers and importing data from previous sets.
Interested free lancers will be given additional information. NDA protecting proprietary approach will be required prior to work.
Freelancer must live in the greater St. Louis area and be able to meet periodically for face to face for reviews. Primary communication will be by phone and video chat/screen share.
Interested freelancers contact me for greater detail as well as work samples and data samples.
Skills: Excel VBA, Data Analysis, Microsoft Excel
Vba Expert Requried (Sat, 18 Jan 2020)
Need person with very strong excel, MS Access VBA skills. Task is to help in existing database which is used to populate data from Excel. Data is extracted from unstructured files and then formatted data is dumped in to Excel. Then data from Excel is imported in to MS access .MS access Tool is then used for various reporting and visualization activities.
Budget: $50
Skills: Excel VBA, Microsoft Excel, VBA, SQL, Scripting
Web Scrape Trading Data From Trading View To Excel (Sat, 18 Jan 2020)
I need to scrape data from tradingview.com. The currency pair is EUR/USD
Then, the values input into cell A1, A2, and A3 for example
The deliverables would include a sheet where these values are auto updated on this schedule, and the VBA code to make it all happen.
If this job is completed according to specs, there is a great opportunity for additional projects.
Please respond with how you plan to approach the problem, how long you think it will take, the possible challenges with the project, and the keyword QMAP in the body of your response.
Many thanks!
Budget: $20
Skills: Web Scraping, Data Scraping, Excel VBA, Microsoft Excel
Data Scientist To Develop An Advanced Non-linear Regression Algorithm (Sat, 11 Jan 2020)
Hello data scientists,
Y_matched = A * Y_unmatched + B
X = (Column 1)
Lab Data = (Column 2)
Y_unmatched = (Column 3)
A = 0.98931
B = 7.46563
Standard deviation = 3.62601
Y_matched = (Column 4)
To send me an algorithm using EXCEL VBA that EXACTLY generates above outputs once Columns 1, 2, 3 are entered as inputs.
It looks like a simple task, but it doesn t. It s a REVERSE ENGINEERING project. I have given you both input and output data and expect from you the algorithm used.
The equations/formulas you re going to employ in the algorithm must be STANDARD and published (not customized or invented by you). I will use the algorithm you will send me in further engineering applications.
I will NOT ACCEPT any results that are not EXACTLY the same as above.
A lot of freelancers failed to find the targeted algorithm. If you are not competent enough, don t waste your/my time on this project.
Thank u.
Budget: $70
Skills: Mathematics, Excel VBA, Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, Data Science, Machine Learning
Native Dutch – Need Help In Growing My Business Together With You! (Fri, 17 Jan 2020)
Hi, I m Bernadette and I run my own business together with one other colleague. My customers are mostly dutch. That s why I need preferably a dutch native. I deliver administrative services. I optimize/automate the data entry as far as possible with small solutions, so it takes my company less time to perform the same administrative tasks……Most of the times the small solutions are created via Excel (VBA). You don t have to programm it yourself; you just have to be aware during data entry where an optimisation can be realized. Other specialists in the team will create it. Depending on your skills and own preferences you could also help me with all sorts of things to expand the business (Social media marketing, website content or just product/service development) but that depends on your interests. I don t know yet how many hours it will be in the beginning, but it can be full time within one year. It s up to you. Please feel free to answer in Dutch! You re welcome!
Skills: Excel, Dutch
Desktop Software Development (Fri, 17 Jan 2020)
I need VBA AND EXCEL formula experience to automate accounts and historical data capture for quoting on jobs , storing previous quotes on new worksheet with form control button .
Prepopulation of data from one worksheet to another
I want to learn as opposed to having it done for me so I m self sufficient in the future , thanks
Skills: Desktop Applications, Standalone Application
Financial Analyst With Strong Excel/vba Skills Needed [mdi] (Fri, 17 Jan 2020)
– Performing numerical analysis on investment opportunities
– Company bookkeeping including verifying, allocating, and posting transactions
– Converting banks statements into income amp; expenses reports
– Automatically downloading bank statements using automated bank data feed software and compiling bookkeeping data from them
– Tabulating rent rolls spreadsheet from monthly property manager reports
– Creating financial models for real estate development deals
– Analysing debt instruments, Excel data manipulation and formatting, including using VBA to automate such tasks.
– Maintaining historical records by filing documents into Google drive
– Preparing financial reports by collecting, analysing, and summarizing account information and trends, etc;
– The personal finances for the CFO, which may include making calls to investment brokers,
pension administrators.
– Dedication and availability to work are the most important qualities we are looking for.
In return, we can offer a modest pay rate, top-notch financial investments training, and a great chance to gain solid work experience in the finance sector.
want to gain work experience in the finance sector
want to learn about finance and investment
want to improve their technical skills, e.g. Excel
can work 15+ hours per week
Skills / experience required
1) Excellent English skills
2) Able to make VOIP calls, e.g. Skype
3) Able to work Singapore hours
4) Good Excel skills. VBA is a bonus.
5) Familiarity with Google drive
6) Hands on experiencing with any automated bank data feed software.
Other skills amp; expertise needed
– Accounting
– Financial analysis and modeling skills
– Data entry
– Bookkeeping
– Financial accounting
– Financial forecasting
– Financial reporting
– Microsoft Excel
Financial Analysis amp; Modeling Deliverables
– Company valuations
– Financial forecasts
– Financial projection
1. Less than 30 hrs/week; at least 3-4 hours a day
4. We re looking for entry level freelancers with the lowest rates
Skills: Excel VBA, Financial Analysis, Accounting, Xero, Financial Modelling
Convert Excel Formula For Index Match Multiple Criteria To Run In Vba (Fri, 17 Jan 2020)
Please see the attached xlsm excel sheet. I have 2 tabs (Data and MatchData). I have a working formula for column E of the tab Data that handles multiple criteria index match with data from the MatchData tab. In column F I would like to match these exact result by using VBA code. I have prepped a VBA macro all I need is the correct syntax to be input so the macro will work.
Budget: $20
Skills: Excel VBA, Macros, Excel, Microsoft Excel, VBA, MS Excel, Spreadsheets
Vba Script On Google Sheets (Thu, 16 Jan 2020)
move my excel vba code to gsheets and make it work 100% even if u have to change the code
Budget: $15
Data Scientist, Google Sheet, Sql And Vba Expert (Thu, 16 Jan 2020)
I am looking for someone who hold expertise in Data Science including VBA, SQL, Excel, Automation and other similar platform. I have various urgent tasks that require completion.
Skills: Excel VBA, Google Analytics, Data Analysis, Microsoft Excel, VBA, Data Science, Automation, Microsoft Access Programming
Vba Code To Identify Empty/na/null Cells (for Excel) (Wed, 15 Jan 2020)
– First row is always the header – should be copied to the new sheet too.
2- Copy the rows that contain empty cells to new sheet (the code should create the new sheet and paste the rows in it). if we want to run it again, the code should delete the new sheet and create another new one.
3- we need a count for the rows in the new sheet (count of rows that contain empty cells).
Budget: $10
Skills: Excel VBA, VBA
Developer For Access Database Design Revision And Function Expansion (Tue, 14 Jan 2020)
A multi-phase project that involves converting a complex excel spreadsheet report involving macros and multiple pages into a simpler database-driven report system exporting data in multiple formats, pdf, excel, ect. along with some live alarms based on incoming data. We will be developing proofs of concept for all these functions to secure additional funding to complete the project.
Simple database development with VBA and SQL functions. This will require Database Aggregate functions, high/low tolerances for alarm levels on regularly updated data. may include near-real-time (within 15 mins) alarm notification based on alarm levels.
looking for a self-directed developer that intuitively understands UI from an end-user perspective to maintain simple and easy to use interfaces to the database. Strong critical thinking and creativity that embraces data-driven design and multiple paths to the same goal.
Skills: Microsoft Excel, SQL, Microsoft Access Programming
Vba Developer For Excel Macros – Accounting/financial Background – Ar And Ap Reporting (Tue, 14 Jan 2020)
Looking for either a freelancer or an agency.
Looking to develop several reports over the coming months. including cash forecasting, AR balance reports, AP balance reports
Current business operating software generates what is needed but in manually intensive formatting.
Cash forecast – Allow dropping in of outstanding AR and AP balance reports to populate inbound and outbound cash flows. Include fixed costs and current operating account cash positions
AR reporting – 1. What is still owed by whom. Report exists needs formatting work to make operations friendly.
2. automate generations from the updated formatted report (looking to improve time to pay)
AP reporting – Same as above
We are a locally owned fastener supply company in the Baltimore, MD area. Looking to update our 35 year old reporting to make the business a bit easier to run.
Skills: VBA
Design An Hostel Management System In Microsoft Excel (Mon, 13 Jan 2020)
I want an hostel management system designed in Microsoft Excel. It must efficient and easy to use to a lame man. It must be encrypted with a password. This project will be made by VBA coding. Consult YouTube. Further details will be provided.
Budget: $15
Skills: Excel VBA, Microsoft Excel, Data Entry
Developer For Converting Excel Cost Model To Web App (Mon, 13 Jan 2020)
Skills: Excel VBA, Microsoft Excel, Web Application
Outlook Vba: Renaming Saved Attachment And Recording The Time It Is Received (Sun, 12 Jan 2020)
2. The time an e-mail (subject line can be referenced) was received should be recorded in an Excel worksheet saved in a local folder.
Budget: $20
Skills: Excel VBA, Microsoft Outlook Development, Automation, Scripting
Detecting Handwritten Signatures In Scanned Documents (Sat, 11 Jan 2020)
we have a document (consent form) for our patients to sign over a line (multiple places over the document) along with a few boxes to check for various options, and the signed consent will be scanned into PDF files. we would like to have one application to check where the patient has signed and what options the patient has selected, and export the check results in text line in one file such as
it would be the best if it is developed using Excel VBA so it will be readily integrated to our own application.
Skills: Desktop Applications, Windows App Development, Application Integration, Image Processing, Standalone Application
Excel Vba Macros (Sat, 11 Jan 2020)
I need some data to be organized from An Excel file with 6 Excel Sheets. The person needs to either be an expert in Python, or in Excel VBA Macros. I have had 3 different users attempt to do this project without success. If you are not an expert, please do not bid for this job. Thanks.
Budget: $5
Skills: Excel VBA, Data Entry
Microstrategy Developer (Fri, 10 Jan 2020)
Mature individual to work with Senior Leadership a Hybrid person
Excel functionalities including Pivot, filter, sort, formulas, charts etc..
Macros and strong skills with VBA.
MicroStrategy Architecture, creating Dashboards with base reports exported from Reporting platforms like MicroStrategy.
Connecting excel directly with data sources for bringing third-party data.
Could be a Sr MicroStrategy Architect or someone that knows Excel VBA really well with some MSTR and willing to learn or has a some understanding of Python.
Later take 16 Excel Dashboards (Excel amp; VBA (macros)) someone needs to come in and automate then with Python ( Python is nice to have).
Basic footsteps in Python, willingness to learn things on the way, push the envelope.
Satish K
Resource Manager
Skills: Excel VBA
Windows App Developer Needed For An App To Be Used In Microsoft Surface. (Fri, 10 Jan 2020)
A VBA app has been developed using Excel Macros. This app was modified further and built to be used for Microsoft Surface. The SAME APPLICATION IS TO BE RE-CREATED and the project file must be submitted with all the codes. The new app to be developed for Surface will have a couple of (minor/little) changes, the details of which will be shared once hired. The current application will be shared once hired. The current app has some buttons with select features and timers associated with some of the buttons. Clicking it will start the timer for a specific data collection. A user can start/remove timer for several data collection by selecting/de-selecting buttons. This is a simple app; only serious app developer with past experience on developing apps/software for Microsoft windows are requested to apply. Anyone with the necessary skills can be hired for this project. An explanation must be provided on how to execute this app and how different skill set/platform will be used to do so.
1. The app must be made for Microsoft Surface.
2. The app will be required to have some minor modifications in UI and/or naming of buttons or labeling, the details will be shared once hired.
3. All data (time-sheet, selected task, selected tools, etc.) must be recorded in a file that can be opened in Microsoft Excel. The already developed app contains all these features.
4. The app must be able to function without the need to use internet connection of any kind.
5. The deadline for completing this project is January 23, 2020.
6. All codes for the newly developed app must be shared, and an instruction should be delivered to access/run test and how to publish it. This app will be the property of the employer of this project and shall not be used and/or shared with any company and/or person without permission of the employer.
7. This app cannot be used anywhere and cannot be sold to any person and/or any company. This is only an experimental app. The applications that will be shared to re-create the new app cannot be used anywhere and cannot be sold to any person and/or any company.
8. All codes/advances/progress must be shared upon request at the earliest time.
9. A partial payment maybe made after a satisfactory progress in building the app.
Budget: $300
Skills: Microsoft Windows Azure, Desktop Applications, Macros, Windows App Development, Application Installer, Application Integration, Database Design Construction, C#, .NET Framework
Desktop Based Quotation Making (Fri, 10 Jan 2020)
Hi Saurabh,
I am looking for quotation making desktop application that can reduce quotation making time. We have approximately 20-25 thousand+ line items with 150+ customer. While looking at your portfolio I noted your developments like quotation, MS access based price comparison,Excel vba automation etc which I want to know in detail. PL. Let me know if you find our requirements interesting.
Kamal Makati
Budget: $300
Data Parsing And Manipulation App / Excel Vba Or Ms Access (Fri, 10 Jan 2020)
We are looking to get either an Access Database or Excel Macro Created that will utilize Lookup (xlookup) functions and will help clean and prep data for our production process. The data tool will extract the data from an XML file format and clean and then generate one Excel File with the prepped data in it.
We are looking to get something setup where when we expand our product catalog products that fall into existing categories of logic can easily be added by updating the spreadsheet, or down the road if we need to add additional sets of logic we can easily expand the macro.
We are also looking for a solution where it will be easy to update and maintain if conditions change where we need to further define or change the exporting format (i.e. if something is formula-driven vs hard coded)
We have attached more detailed instructions in the files below.
*** This will be a multi-phase project with additional modules to add at a later date ***
** Our budget is flexible but we are more focused on having a good well-developed app **
Budget: $3,500
Skills: Microsoft Access, Python, VBA, Microsoft Access Programming, Data Mining, Excel VBA, Macros, Excel, Data Extraction, Data Access Layer, C#, Access VBA
Software Architect (Fri, 10 Jan 2020)
Vectra has developed cutting-edge technology which automates the generation of Engineering Drawings for Mechanical Systems. CAD data is extracted from the client s CAD workstation and transmitted to AWS. Our Core Engine runs on AWS and the generated output files are transmitted back to the client workstation where Engineering Drawings are automatically generated. The Core Engine encapsulates the Manufacturing Intelligence required to generate Drawings from 3D CAD data.
1. Eliminate reliance on Excel/VBA
2. Re-write code in C#
3. Determine a suitable RDBMS for the types of datasets used. RDBMS must be compatible with C# and able to run on LINUX
4. Enable Data Serialization, De-serialization
5. Breakdown existing code into library modules.
6. Enable Parallelization of Computing
7. Develop Software Design Patterns
We need a Software Architect to develop the new Architecture and guide our Development team. This a part-time but long-term engagement. We will discuss the details with qualified candidates.
Skills: Database
Sales Operations Analyst (Thu, 09 Jan 2020)
IDERA s developer tools business is looking for a senior sales operations analyst to support a global, diverse sales team. This role will require excellent communication skills, strong follow-through skills and outstanding problem solving and analytical skills. This role will strive to elevate data quality and structure in order to leverage metrics and KPIs on sales performance and trends to meet business goals.
Create and maintain complex Excel spreadsheets
Generate weekly, monthly, quarterly and ad hoc reports using several analytical tools; ability to analyze the data to highlight potential anomalies
Assist with acquisition integration tasks, to include data mining, data scrubbing and data mapping
Bachelor s degree
o Expert-level skills developing macros in VBA (Visual Basic Applications)
o Ability to create and maintain advanced and complex formulas (ie. VLOOKUP, SUMIF, COUNTIF, INDEX, etc.)
o Ability to create charts, pivot tables, dashboards and reports
Strong technical aptitude and analytical skills
High level of attention to detail
Ability to prioritize multiple tasks and manage against deadlines
Good analytical and communication skills
Skills: Excel VBA, Email Handling, Data Analysis, Microsoft Excel, Salesforce CRM, Sales Operations, Customer Service
Excel Add-in Creation (vba/macro) (Tue, 07 Jan 2020)
An excel add-in must be created that offers features in its task pane such as specific colors (RGB of these colors will be provided) for easy formatting.
Budget: $100
Skills: Excel VBA, R, Python, Microsoft Excel, Data Visualization, SQL
Website Crawling And Extracting Information Using Excel Vba Macros (Mon, 06 Jan 2020)
We are looking for someone to crawl through a specific website (buzzbuzzhome.com) and download relevant information into an excel sheet using VBA macros, which will allow us to run and update the information at any time.
Skills: Data Scraping, Web Scraping, Excel VBA, Microsoft Excel, VBA, Data Extraction, Data Mining
Mssql Guru To Help Me Automate A Sql Interface (Sun, 05 Jan 2020)
Good day to you
I am looking for a resource to help me on an ongoing basis with some of my customer s SQL requirements.
You must be comfortable with the various aspects of DB Dev including automating SQL scripts and developing stored procedures.
1. I m pulling data from a legacy system using Excel (ODBC) [this is due to some server limitations we are facing]. This needs to be automated with an Excel VBA macro.
2. From Excel I m saving the data into CSV s in a specific directory.
3. I have created SQL scripts to pull these CSVs using the MSSQL Bulk load command.
4. I have scripted sql files that run and prepare the Legacy data for the target system.
5. I manually copy data (SELECT * FROM STAGING_TABLE) from the staging tables and deposit it into Google Sheets
6. I have some google apps script that converts the output to csv and deposits the csv into a specified location
7. And finally, the target system pulls the csv data into itself.
1. Convert those SQL scripts into modularized procedures. For example, get a vendor or customer from the legacy or target system based on an input. See 4 above – it currently isn t modularized.
2. Automate the running of these scripts using shell, bash, basic, or powershell. Shell preferred.
Kindly let me know if you can help in a timely manner.
Skills: Microsoft SQL Server, Stored Procedure Development, Excel VBA, Bash Shell Scripting, JavaScript, SQL
Excel Work For Ecommerce Company…dashboards Etc (Sat, 04 Jan 2020)
Hello. We are an ecommerce company. I need someone who can periodically help with the creation of dashboards and modification of vba macros (or usage of power query). Thanks!


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