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Freelance Editorial Work for Freelance Writers

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Dec 11, 2019

Once you join our network, you’ll get the opportunity to be considered for freelance projects available through RRD Content Source. This organization specializes in creating custom content for a variety of clients, from retailers, newspapers and magazines to legal, medical and financial institutions.

Expand your freelance opportunities

We match you to freelance assignments that are right for you. Qualified writers, editors and fact-checkers work on a wide range of projects through RRD Content Source. Freelance professionals like you provide content for newsletters, articles, blogs, retail product descriptions, customer websites and more. Our clients range from major newspapers and national department store chains to small businesses and local or niche publications.

Many RRD Content Source projects are ongoing, and you can apply to any that fit your interests, specialty and schedule. Once you are hired to work for a RRD Content Source client, you may be approved to work on similar assignments and may be considered for future projects as well.

Easy-to-use editorial workflow system keeps work organized

The web-based Content Source Network content management system flows assignments seamlessly through the writing, fact-checking, editing and reviewing stages, including an automated plagiarism check. You can choose from assignments made available to you, see upcoming and past work, and attach comments or questions to each piece of content. An RRD Content Source editorial project manager on staff oversees each project, managing deadlines, answering questions and communicating with the customer on your behalf.

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Your payments are easy to track and come regularly

Other companies have a 30-, 60- or even 90-day waiting period. But RRD Content Source credits you the minute each project is delivered. Payments are made directly to your PayPal account two times per month.

You and your project manager will discuss and agree on the project rate before starting the work. Keep in mind that rates may vary greatly from project to project as they depend on the scope of work, topic, level of expertise needed, and most important, the client’s budget.


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