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Freelance Blend Manila (Manila, Philippines)

lanwo ayotunde


Jan 8, 2020

What we’re about

Freelance Blend Manila is a tribe of freelancers, creatives, self-employed peeps, solopreneurs, and entreps — who all prefer to work on their own terms.

We love to meetup regularly to disconnect from the online world from time to time and build real friendships.

Collectively, we call ourselves Freelance Blenders or “Blenders”, for short.

We also welcome those who are thinking of escaping their cubicle lives (a.k.a. the corporate world) and would like to mingle, collaborate and learn from our successful Blenders — the “crazy ones” who have figured out their own escape routes, who are willing to share their stories and who are out to change the world — the true meaning of being a Blender.

This group is NOT for those who plan to sell their products or services or just suck the life out from us Blenders. Sorry but we will politely ask you to leave the group.

So let’s meetup, share a coffee or beer, inspire one another, make the world a better place and have a great time!

P.S. Please check out our awesome site at http://www.freelanceblend.com for insights, stories and updates about our cool tribe. Also, please subscribe to our podcast, Freelance Blend Podcast (http://www.freelanceblend.com/itunes), to listen to interviews of inspirational freelancers and entrepreneurs and join our growing family on Facebook at FreelanceBlenders.com (http://www.FreelanceBlenders.com)!

Rock on, Blenders!


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