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Does it work with CloudReady? – CloudReady

lanwo ayotunde


Jan 28, 2020

Chrome Remote Desktop fails with “incompatible versions” when connecting from a real Chromebook into a CloudReady Chromiumbook. Both devices are current versions of OS and extensions. Is Chrome Remote Desktop working for anyone else? Is/will it be supported?



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    Hey Leland,

    It will be working with our update to v44 in the next week or two – we’ve tested it for a few different platforms (CloudReady <-> Chrome, Windows) and everything seems to be working.

    Hope you enjoy everything else!

  • Full support of Chrome Remote Desktop in the next week is great news.

    I neglected to mention that I am very impressed with the quality of CloudReady. I am a ChromebookChromebox power user and was skeptical. Using CloudReady side by side with my Chromebooks, I find the implementation solid, fully functional, and production ready. You have my endorsement!

  • Hi,

    I am trying to control my fathers CloudReady computer via either my Asus Chromebook or my own CloudReady computer but I can only see his homescreen and is not able to take control. When I am trying to click on anything in his computer nothing happens. I have had this problem for at least 2 months now. Any idea what the problem could be?



  • Hi Martin

    Are you and your father both on the latest version of CloudReady? (v50 ?)

  • Hi again,

    Thanks for your speedy response and sorry being so slow on my behalf. We are both using the same version (Version 51.0.2704.103). I can see everything on his screen but the only thing that I can do is to click in the chromium web adress field and enter a web adress and hit enter. Other than that I cannot do anything. I.e. when I try to click on icons below nothing happens.



  • Hi Martin,

    Sorry for my slow response as well.

    Have you tried again recently? Perhaps Chrome Remote Desktop has updated to patch a bug.

    Also – you may want to wait a few days and try again – we have a graphics bug in v51 that causes some minor issues with UI – it seems possible that it is causing this issue as well. An update to fix that bug should roll out early this week.

  • I decided to give the Chrome Remote Desktop a whirl using my CloudReady laptop to be able to control my work computer (Windows).

    I installed the Chrome Remote Desktop on my work computer; came home to control it from my laptop; I signed in; I was able to see my work desktop; I could not move anything or click on anything (lasted for about 10 seconds); and then my computer just shut down by itself.

    I tried clicking on the Chrome Remote Desktop on my laptop to try it again and nothing comes up. It simply does not prompt anything. I restarted it and nothing again.

    Any solutions?

  • hey joel,

    Sorry you’re having issues.

    I’ve also seen a lot of volatility with the CRD app whenever connecting from CloudReady to a device with non-standard display. For instance – I run a 2560×1440 monitor with CloudReady, which works alright, but other machines can’t connect to it.

    A compounding factor could be graphics issues – CRD was built in an era where integrated, low end graphics can still smoothly output HD streams. If you computer is older than ~2012, or a netbook in general, I could see the strain of streaming another desktop WHILE rendering your own becoming too much for it.

    Just some thoughts – no good solution except unplug/turn off monitor #2 each night…?

  • Hey Forrest,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I actually uninstalled/reinstalled and it worked on my CloudReady laptop. However, since my laptop is a Dell XPS 13 1st generation, it overheats for anything and can’t handle the CRD. But I do want to reiterate that it did work after I re-installed. It even allowed me to drag over to see my second screen.

    Since then I have purchased a Chromebook (Acer Chromebook 11) and the CRD works just fine.

    Once again, thanks for your reply.

  • Hi Forrest,

    I am still not able to control my fathers computer when I am trying to assist him via google remote control (has never worked for us). We both are running CloudReady on our computers and I am only able to see his screen. I cannot control it (mouse clicks does not register etc.). Is this the same for all CloudReady users or is it just us who are in bad luck?



  • Hi Forrest,

    I have done some additional testing and have now discovered something that could help this issue. I added my fathers google account to one of my Chromebooks (an Macbook Air 2011 running CloudReady) and I could use Google Chrome Remote Control without any problems. I then when home to him and tried to run a remote control session using my Chromebook and his Chromebook (an old Sony Vaio laptop running Cloudready version 55.0.2883.105) and it turns out that the mouse it out of sync. When I click on something on my screen it on a higher location on his computer hence I cannot control his computer. I have attached an image and when I click on “Following” (all down to the left in the image) I am actually clicking on “Cirklar (9)” on my fathers computer. I hope this information helps.


    Martin Sallfeldt, Malmö Sweden

  • Hi Martin,

    We tested Chrome Remote Desktop on v56 and confirmed it working as intended. We released v56.2 on the Beta Channel yesterday – would you be willing to switch over to the Beta Channel and see if that fixes your issue?


  • Trying v56 is definitely a good next-step.

    I also know, through a roundabout-source, that Google recently found and fixed a bug with gmail-accounts using CRD, specifically with there being an unwarranted sensitivity to capital letters in the username.

    I’m not totally clear on the details, but I know that if any side of the interaction were to have a cached or fresh version of the username with a capitalization mismatch against the authorization from Google or the other client, then the connection can fail.

    They should be releasing a fix for that soon, so if that’s your problem you may see a solution from them soon.

    In that same note – might be good to create a new gmail user just for connecting to your father’s device for remote assistance. Make sure never to use any capital letters in the username when creating the user or signing in. Maybe that user will work better.

  • Hi

    I dont know this is the right place to ask (because this threat seems to be a bit old) but didnt found better place for my question 🙂

    I have recently installed CloudReady on my old (supported) machine and would like to use Google Chrome Remote Desktop to operate this computer from my iPad. But after installing extension on CoudReady PC I have no option to add it to the app (you know, to register computer, choose a pin to connect ect).

    Just for checking I have did the setup between my iMac and iPad using Chrome Remote Desktop and its worked.

    It looks like the web browser extension on CloudReady PC cannot see this as standalone PC so is not discovering it at all, so I dont get a prompt to download and instal server extension (which is crucial).

    Is tehere any command in log I can type to make Cloud Ready PC visible for the Chrome Remote Desktop? And finally is there Linux/Unix version of the server extension availble at all?

    If you have any ideas how to solve this please back to me 🙂 but no rush 🙂

    Thank you!


  • Chromebooks and CloudReady, for security reasons, won’t allow pre-arranged remote access.

    You can remotely access a CloudReady device from another computer, but to do so you have to use Chrome Remote desktop on CloudReady to first generate a one-time access code and then share that to the other PC. The other PC can then connect, on a one-time basis, to CloudReady and control it.

    I would expect that connection method to work reliably on CloudReady, but there’s no way to set it up to be always-available – that’s only an option on Windows and Mac as far as I know.

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