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or free-lance

[ free-lans, -lahns, -lans, -lahns ]

/ ˈfriˌlæns, -ˌlɑns, -ˈlæns, -ˈlɑns /

noun Also free lance.

Also freelancer. a person who works as a writer, designer, performer, or the like, selling work or services by the hour, day, job, etc., rather than working on a regular salary basis for one employer.

a person who contends in a cause or in a succession of various causes, as he or she chooses, without personal attachment or allegiance.

verb (used without object), free·lanced, free·lanc·ing.

to act or work as a freelance: The illustrator used to be employed by us but is freelancing now.

verb (used with object), free·lanced, free·lanc·ing.

to produce, sell, or accomplish as a freelance: to freelance a magazine article.


of or relating to a freelance or the work of a freelance: a freelance writer; freelance copyediting.


in the manner of a freelance: She works freelance.

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Examples from the Web for freelance

  • Freelance journalist Austin Tice was abducted in Syria more than two years ago.

  • The Herald asked her to be a freelance reporter, but not because of her notorious status.

  • Lottie Joiner is a Washington, D.C.-based freelance writer and senior editor of The Crisis magazine.

  • He now lives in Seoul, where he teaches at Hongik University and also works as a freelance fashion photographer.

  • A year ago, I resigned from my full-time job to be a freelance writer.

  • The thing that I should now most like to be is a freelance writer.

  • Denis, a Democrat at heart, was something of a freelance, inclined to tilt indiscriminately at both parties.

  • She could be a freelance in Love’s lists, notwithstanding the inconvenience of a legal attachment.

  • “I am a volunteer frontier guard,” rejoined the freelance, still more impudently.

  • “Freelance, by God,” the Chief sighed and collapsed into his chair.

British Dictionary definitions for freelance



  1. Also called: freelancer a self-employed person, esp a writer or artist, who is not employed continuously but hired to do specific assignments
  2. (as modifier)a freelance journalist

a person, esp a politician, who supports several causes or parties without total commitment to any one

(in medieval Europe) a mercenary soldier or adventurer


to work as a freelance on (an assignment, etc)


Word Origin for freelance

C19 (in sense 3): later applied to politicians, writers, etc

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