Contract types and employer responsibilities: Freelancers, consultants and contractors

If you hire a freelancer, consultant or contractor it means that:

  • they are self-employed or are part of other companies
  • they often look after their own tax and National Insurance contributions (NICs)
  • they might not be entitled to the same rights as workers, such as minimum wage
  • you’re still responsible for their health and safety
  1. Step 1: Decide what type of employee you need

  2. and Check you can afford to take on employees

  3. Step 2: Make your workplace safe and accessible for employees

  4. Step 3: Register as an employer and set up PAYE

  5. Step 4: Check your responsibilities around workplace pensions

  6. Step 5: Get Employers’ Liability insurance

  7. Step 6: Recruit and employ staff

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