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Careers and parenthood: How to combine both in 2022

Tunde owolawase

ByTunde owolawase

Jan 3, 2022

You want to work and take care of your kids simultaneously, but it seems a little impossible- then help us let you know that nothing is impossible. There was a time when mothers and fathers had to choose between their careers and parenthood. Especially mothers gave up on their work and started staying home, spending time, and becoming stay-at-home mothers.

There are several workplaces that take care of their employees in a way that they can manage parenthood with their careers. Workplaces offer their employees flexible jobs to work from home.

They grow careers and parenthood (parenting) together. Parents can earn from home and never have to worry about their kids. They can spend time together while working. Yet, it’s not as easy as it seems to be, but worth it.


Why Starting a Remote Work Can Help Your Careers And Parenthood 


Flexibility is one of the most significant things that help a parent to start skipping 9 to 5 jobs and work from home while spending time with their kids.

It can happen with remote jobs where one can create their own schedule to complete the job and meet the expected deadlines. There are few such remote jobs in which lots of time has to serve but still helpful to manage things with the break.

Parents can cook their children food, pick them up from schools, play with them, in fact, help them do their homework, and it’s all because of the remote works.

They can’t have this opportunity while working in offices or doing regular jobs. You can discuss with the employer to get the time when you are willing to do the job easily while parenting.

Save your time

When you have to wait at the bus station for the bus, or you are caught in traffic while going to the regular job, it’s really time taking.

But when you opt for remote work, you can save your time on these things instead spend a few more minutes with your kids, helping them do stuff, feeding them, and a lot more. It’s because you are the boss of your own to spend as much time on work as you want.

You don’t have to especially wake up to get dressed and go to work from 9 to 5 where you spend extra hours from going to coming back home. You can simply go straight from your bed to work in a comfortable environment.

Save on costs

Parents usually prefer their infants to be in center-based daycare when they go to their regular jobs. Its average cost is around $10,000 per year that can be saved.

Work-from-home parents can save this cost by working from home and taking care of kids by themselves. Parents may need house help.

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So parents can take conference calls, but the difference between this cost from daycare is big. Remote jobs help you save your costs on commuting, fuel, car repair, and separate lunch costs.

 Fewer meetings

You have few meetings to deal with your remote work and have no office interruptions. You face less interruption and work more efficiently with focus and consistency.

How to Combine Parenthood with Remote Work Career?

Let your kids know about the work

When the parents are at home, children feel more comfortable playing and having fun, thinking it is a suitable family time. But you have to let your kids know that your home now is a workplace too for some specific time.

You can let them know your work schedule, so they understand that you are unavailable for outings, trips, and playing until you get the job done in these particular hours.

Set your work schedule and sort the things out so your children won’t disturb you and things won’t go wrong.

Morning routines

 One can work in their comfortable dress, but sometimes your brain is not ready to work in a comfortable environment and time.

For being consistent in your work, you have to establish your morning routine where you can have your breakfast and train your mind to get into a work mode.

Otherwise, it often happens that you disturb your consistency of work at home, so scheduling yourself and sticking to it is the most crucial part of remote work.

Establish your workspace in the home

It’s highly unprofessional when your kid comes around while you are on your video-conference call. The only solution to this query is you have to create a workspace in your home where you can work with dedication, and your kids know about it.

You can lock the door while engaging yourself in a work or on the video-conference call to ensure that no one will disrupt your environment.

You have to talk to your family in which your babysitter, spouse, house help, and kids, and let them know about your job routine and won’t interrupt your work time. It’s really essential to manage work time with the family, and organizing your workspace in your home can assist you in this manner.

Get a Babysitter for Childcare Help

For younger kids, who need handling and care, you need to hire a babysitter. They can help your kids, watch them all around and handle them while children play.

Young kids need a lot of attention, and working in a separate workspace is impossible until you have a babysitter. Childcare personnel will watch your kids when you are working. You can spend time on your work as much as you want without worrying about your kids.


It is Possible to Combine Career and parenthood (Parenting)? 

Being a stay-at-home parent can assist you to manage career and parenthood, and there are several jobs that you can opt for to ear well while being at home.

Parents can have fun with their kids, spend a good time with them and work simultaneously. Remote work requires self-discipline, but once you adjust yourself and let your kids know about it, it’ll all be worth it. Then what are you waiting for? Create your resume and get started now.

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