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9 Best Practice Tips for Successfully Working Remotely

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Dec 26, 2019

Modern technology is an amazing thing. It even allows us to work from pretty much anywhere, as long as there is an Internet connection. These days, more and more people are working remotely. While it can be very convenient, working remotely does have its challenges. So, let’s take a look at the things you can do to overcome those challenges and successfully work remotely.

1. Work Space

A lot of people think that working remotely means that they can sit on the couch in their pajamas, doing their work with the television on. This is not going to work. You need to set up an area that is dedicated to your job, with no distractions.

2. Get Dressed

You may not be leaving the house, but if you are working, you may as well look the part. Dressing for success will help to put you in the mindset to get things done and not just sit around in sloppy clothes. You also never know when a client or customer is going to show up, so you should always look your best.

3. Schedule Your Day

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many people who work remotely tend to get slack about scheduling. You have the same responsibilities whether you are in the office or at home, so make your schedule that mirrors a traditional work schedule. You will get more done if you have a plan in place and know what you have to do each day.

4. Secure Your Passwords

Hackers are finding more and more ways to access information online, which is why you need to secure your passwords. You would be surprised at how quickly a hacker can access your password and steal your identity. Choose passwords that are going to be difficult to crack. They should include symbols, numbers, capital and lowercase letters.

5. Get a Wired Headset

You never need to worry about recharging headset batteries if you use a wired set. The last thing you need is to lose power in the middle of an important call. It won’t happen with a USB powered headset that plugs right into your computer. You can always count on it to work.

6. SkypeOut

You probably already use Skype. Take it a step further and get SkypeOut. This lets you make Skype calls with your phone, so you don’t have to be using a computer. This can come in pretty handy when you have to be out of your office and on the road. You can make a video call from anywhere, which is going to come in quite handy for video conferencing.

7. Take Frequent Breaks

Contrary to what you may think, taking breaks is not counter-productive. Not taking breaks is. Your mind gets into a rut. Your body gets stiff and sore. You get tired. Take a few minutes to get up and stretch every hour or so.

8. Stay Visible

Often, people who work remotely tend to become invisible to those they used to physically work with. Make sure that you stay in regular contact with co-workers, employers, etc. Don’t let them forget about you, or you could end up getting looked over for bigger and better things. Even send a message if you are leaving your desk, in case someone needs to get in touch with you.

9. Use the Right Software

There are loads of software tools that are going to make working remotely even easier. Look for tools like a time zone converter, chat rooms for your team, urgent email software, etc. You should also get yourself a good bug tracker, which is going to help keep you on schedule.


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