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5 Effective Strategies for Freelance Marketers

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Jan 25, 2020

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Freelance marketers looking to garner higher conversion rates should be mindful that all their strategies be attractive not only to humans as potential customers but also to search engine bots. Digital marketing objectives can be achieved only when effective focus is given to client targets as well as positive search engine techniques as they contribute highly towards a better conversion rate.

Now, the first rule is to make a stellar website that is aesthetically appealing, informative and also optimised for search engines. However, finding the top placements in search engine results and also motivating your website traffic to turn into consumers is an act of balance. More importantly, a balance of strategies.

Here are some tips in the form of five effective strategies that freelance marketers can apply.

Increase Social Media Engagement

1. Use social media to route traffic and convince customers

Recommendations are a magic converter and influencer. Social media influencers are a very effective marketing strategy that can drive up conversion rates. Tools like celebrity endorsements, customer testimonials, recommendations by industry experts, certification and positive statistics by relevant agencies, etc. can go a long way.

Social proof like this build credibility and convey trust among potential customers. It is a very widely used strategy as far as digital marketing objectives are concerned.

2. Content is king, hence, start a blog

Whether we talk about potential consumers or search engines, content with information is a great lure for both. Therefore, an effective strategy that every freelance marketer should employ is including a blog on the website. To begin with, the informative content and the related SEO and keyword strategies implemented will bring in more traffic. Second, it lets the brand connect with customers on a level that is not always commerce-driven. Discussions about problems and solutions, helpful tips, related advances in industry, etc. attract consumers who are happy to connect with a brand that thinks over and above the immediate product sale.

3. Confident promotion and clearer risk reversal

A call to action needs to be powerfully worded. This does not mean being aggressive, but that you are confident about your product and need to emphatically ask your users to buy it. Don’t hold back in the fear of sounding too aggressive either. Guide people on what they need to do, convince them that your product or service is the best and ask them to make a choice without hesitating.

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Second, put yourself on the line by guaranteeing the expected result, introduce early bird offers, or bonuses. This reduces the fear of loss among users and spurs them into action.

4. Use tools to shape your strategies

Conversion rate optimisation tools can be a wonderful aid to let you learn your shortcomings and to draw up better strategies to achieve your digital marketing goals. These tools can help you understand the various points where your website is lacking, create polls and surveys to obtain inputs from potential consumers and evaluate your competition among other things.

For instance, marketing resources, software tools and lead capture forms can give you valuable insight to frame better strategies and redesign your campaigns. Employ tools like Survey Monkey, Usability Hub, Similar Web, Lucky Orange, Leadformly, Single Grain, Unbounce, etc.

5. Feature a video always

Did you know that 95% of users are more inclined to remember your call to action if it is featured in a video? Yes, video is a very compelling digital marketing strategy and tool. Besides, the social media juggernaut has only added to the relevance and importance of video. Whether it’s your brand message or explainer videos, or emails, or even landing page, the return on investment is decidedly better when videos are included.

As a freelance marketer, higher conversion rates may seem intimidating that requires lots of energy, money and time. In contrast, achieving those digital marketing goals is just some clever strategizing and intelligent use of tools. To demonstrate, here are some bonus tips for affordable promotion techniques.

  • Always ask for referrals from clients. This also helps in building better client relationships and a solid network.
  • Social media activities and presence should be constantly improved upon.
  • Always measure your analytics, i.e. traffic and conversion rates. Set goals and frame strategies based on current tests.
  • Test before launch, in fact multiple usability tests is advisable. Moreover, run regular A/B tests.

See, how much some bonus tips elevated you as a reader. Higher conversion rates mean that as a digital marketer, you are improving sales without any extra expenditure. You are utilising the existing traffic to the hilt. Keep tweaking and testing, until it starts working and when it slows down, just repeat.

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