3 Tools to Check Freelancer’s Writing for Content Plagiarism

Who is a freelancer?

Freelancers are also sometimes called freelance workers, and these workers are not permanently committed to any specific company. They are self-employed workers. There is much information found on the internet, so some workers are required to write up this information for readers. There are many freelancers with many skills and capabilities available in the whole world.

What does it mean by content plagiarism?

Plagiarism means that something is wrong with your content. It can lead Google to think that the material written by a freelancer on the website is not original. The worker can take some idea from others’ information, but the wrong thing is to pick up that thing as it is and then use it in their work. This action is also taken as illegal, and the website owner would have to face Google penalties.

There are some of the kinds of plagiarism discussed below; it occurs when:

  • The freelancer does not give credit to the original author for using his or her idea.
  • The worker forgets to use quotation marks around the original information of others.
  • The content writer uses his or her information in his or her other article.

Disadvantages of Plagiarism in content

The owner would have to face the disadvantages of plagiarism if the freelancer had used someone’s idea in the content without giving a backlink to the genuine source of information. Then it is better to check plagiarism before uploading the content on the internet. The freelancers should use any of the plagiarism tools or copyright checkers available online. Some of the cons are written below:

  • Suppose you hire a freelancer to complete your assignment. It would be detected as a plagiarized assignment; then, this action can ruin your position or reputation in the class.
  • Suppose that you are a professional and your project is detected as not original by search engines like Google or Bing, then it can destroy your career
  • Copyright problems can indulge you in severe penalties; your website can never grow for a high rank on search result pages. Google will display you at the bottom of the page.

It will be fruitful to use a plagiarism tool or copyright checker to escape from these disadvantages. These tools will help you find the copyright sentences or phrases you can correct before submitting them to the internet.

What are the features of a good plagiarism checker?

Check plagiarism process becomes sufficient and straightforward while using the best copyright checker. We will discuss some of the significant characteristics provided by online tools.

1. Check Around millions of websites:

The best tool checks the content by matching it with millions of other websites. The user just puts the content in the device and then gets the results within seconds. The tools provide the fastest scanners.  

2. Multiple formats of files:

The tools allow the users to upload the file in the required place of a plagiarism checker in multiple formats. The formats can be like .tex, .txt, .pdf, .doc, .Docx, .rtf, .odt. Etc. It will total up to the tool how beautifully it manages the formats.

3. URL integration availability:

The best tools also allow the users to paste the URL of the required website whose content is to be checked for plagiarism.

4. Automatic Rewriting option:

It is another quality of the best tools that rewrite the phrases to remove copyright issues from the essay, report, article, or any other piece of content.

5. Multiple languages availability:

The extraordinary checkers facilitate the users by checking the content written in any of the languages. The checker will check the plagiarism.

6.Result in percentage form:

The best tools provide you with a significant figure in percentage form that tells how much your content is plagiarized. For example, it can tell you that 13% of plagiarism is found from your content.

7.Highlighted phrases:

The significant tool provides the highlighted area or a specific sentence from the whole content, which indicates that it is not an original phrase. It will assist you in removing the plagiarism efficiently.

8.Exclusion of a particular URL:

Suppose that you do not want to check plagiarism for a specific URL, then you are welcome to put that URL in the given space. The tool will not prevent the content written from that URL.

Suggested tools for plagiarism check:

1. Plagiarismdetector.net:

This tool allows you to check Plagiarism in the content by uploading a whole file. You can also paste only a specific piece of content for plagiarism check. URL integration is also available by this free plagiarism tool. You can get results in 2 to 3 sec after input your content and you can use this plagiarism detector as many times as you want.

2. SmallSEOtools:

It is a free online tool that never asks you to pay for the services. You will check the originality of your content quickly and easily.

3. DupliChecker:

This tool proceeds the process quickly, and the user gets the results in percentage form. It provides a simple and comfortable environment for its users.

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