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2019 State of Remote Work Report

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Dec 15, 2019

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Remote work isn’t the future of work — it’s the present.

Millions of people report that they work remotely around the world and across the United States, and although many companies around the world have embraced the work from anywhere movement, many others don’t know enough about how remote work would impact their employees, their teams, and their organizations to enable it.

Last year’s Global State of Remote Work report shared findings on global remote work trends. This year, we focused our survey on the United States so we could learn more about who’s working remotely, why they choose to work remotely, and what challenges they face in their jobs. We also wanted to learn how remote work impacts employee happiness, loyalty, and retention, what training remote workers receive, and how on-site workers feel about remote work.

Owl Labs produces this report every year because we’re on a mission to make location irrelevant for remote workers and hybrid teams, and we want to share how remote work can improve outcomes for employees, organizations, and teams. Remote work can improve employee productivity, increase employee retention, and make employees feel more trusted and better able to balance work and life responsibilities — making for happier employees and more productive teams.

For this year’s report, we partnered with workplace researcher, Kate Lister, president of Global Workplace Analytics, to ensure our approach was sound and our interpretations were grounded. Keep reading to learn more in the 2019 State of Remote Work report.

Owl Labs and Global Workplace Analytics

Published September 2019

I. Survey Demographics

62% Remote workers38% On-site workers

II. Happiness, Loyalty, and Retention

55% of on-site workers who say they are happy in their job

III. Why Remote Work?

IV. Productivity and Working Hours

V. Meetings

22% of remote workers lose more than an hour per day of productivity due to meetings

VI. Remote Work Training and Management

84% of remote employee managers have received at least some training on how to manage remote employees

15% of remote employee managers received no training on how to do so

Do remote workers still shower when they get up for work every morning?

Thanks for reading the 2019 State of Remote Work report!

At Owl Labs, we believe employees should be able to work from anywhere with the right technology and team support in place. The State of Remote Work is a yearly benchmark report where we examine how companies and industries are adapting to the growth of remote work and hybrid teams to learn where we’ve made progress and where we have room for improvement to embrace and empower location-flexible work.

Download the 2019 State of Remote Work report in PDF format below, and share your thoughts on the report with Owl Labs on Twitter @OwlLabs using the hashtag #SORW2019.

Download the Data

Want to share this report with a colleague or reference on your own blog? Download the graphs in PDF format. All cited content should reference and link to the State of Remote Work.

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