How I became a Freelancer – Ayodeji O.

I am , Ayodeji Olaoluwa, I learnt about freelancing in the year 2014 under the American International Business School led by Dr. Ope Banwo, a man who quit his job as a lawyer to face the online world. It was intriguing to me to see a well respected profession abandoned for something a lot of my countrymen did not pay attention to. After, a while I stopped freelancing, and focused more on physical jobs i could get as a student.

Fast forward to 2017, i went to serve at Kwara State, I tried to see a business that could appeal to corps members who were a major constituent of my network. My search took me back to what i abandoned in 2014 – freelancing. This time, I took another training with an experienced trainer -Adins, it got mixed with remote working, i made an extra of at least 85,000 every month through out my service year from remote working.

Since I finished my service year, I have focused on freelancing and remote jobs that would not require me sit in traffic for a long time, nor take low-paying jobs.

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