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10 Ways 5G Technology Could Shape the Future

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Dec 3, 2020

Since the emergence of wireless networks in the 20th century, the world has seen the gradual evolution of different digital eras, the internet, has become part of our everyday lives. It is almost like an extra appendage without which we would not survive. Individuals, firms, and government agencies rely heavily on the internet for smooth daily running. 5G technology is here to expand our possibilities and revolutionize the internet as we know it.

4G offered higher internet speeds than had ever been seen but 5G will be taking things several notches higher. With download speeds of up to one gigabit per second and latency of less than 1ms, a massive improvement is here with this technology.

Seeing how ingrained the internet is in our lives right now, we can be sure that it’s not going anywhere. If anything, the framework of life in the future is going to have a lot to do with the internet. Hence, it is necessary to see how new developments will affect us in the future so we can prepare for it.

Here are ten ways 5G Technology could shape  the future:

1.Improved Casual Communication and Video Calling

When people think of 5G technology, the first thing that comes to mind is the immediate benefit for them. This is mostly in terms of casual communication like the use of social media, video call platforms, and so on.

The spread of 5G technology will cause a significant improvement in the rate of information transfer by reducing the time taken for uploads and downloads.

Projections have shown that 5G at its maximum speed is theoretically a hundred times faster than 4G. If you have access to these networks in your environment, you can you check and compare both using speedscheck

Also, it is more accommodating of multiple devices, meaning that several devices can be connected mkmwithout any hassles. Finally, everyone can enjoy seamless video calling and social media streaming.

For a wireless network so strong, it can be used to radically transform the internet of things, its impact on casual communication will surely be mind-blowing.

2. Automated Transport Systems

The kind of transport systems that seem like they can only be possible in utopian cities, popular in sci-fi movies are closer than you think with 5G technology. It covers many aspects, most of which are embedded in what is referred to as Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology. 5G is a key part of this technology.

V2X tech involves both self-driving vehicles interacting with one another and other road infrastructures like traffic lights and pedestrians. Here, a cloud-hosted network where all these elements are connected and can communicate with one another is developed.

5G technology provides end-to-end connectivity in the transport system with its low latency and high capacity. It also increases visibility, helping drivers maintain contact in the case of emergencies, for instance. That way, everyone gets real-time updates on traffic situations, road conditions, and alternative routes, if necessary. The business opportunities in this alone are endless, as well as the higher sense of security that many commuters will experience.

With this, remote fleet management companies and public transport agencies will be able to monitor trips better, thereby leading to increased efficiency.

3.Better Gaming

The gaming industry is another industry that will receive a massive boost thanks to 5G technology. Music and video streaming are quite good with 4G but it’s not as great for gaming because of network latency. Distance can make streaming while playing a game frustrating but the heavily reduced 5G latency will change that.

There is also the aspect of multiplayer gaming. 5G will provide a level playing field for multiple players on the same game. Since everyone will now experience similar streaming speeds, lags are eliminated and the winning chances are fairer. If there will be no lags, then it means the graphics will be better, and playing on mobile devices will be easier. 

One can rightly conclude that the emergence of 5G technology will provide all game lovers with an all-new, immersive gaming experience. Perhaps, more innovative gaming methods will be brought to life too because of it.

4. Seamless Movie Streaming and Download

The value of 5G in the world of entertainment cannot be overemphasized. As we step into an era where movie and music streaming is the norm, it is expected that structures to facilitate these are provided. 4G already provides a decent streaming experience but 5G is the game-changer that we all need.

Multiple downloads can be achieved in seconds with the incredible speed of 5G technology. With a swift, responsive device and an internet connection that is just as responsive, instant gratification is here to stay. Now, you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows with ease, as if they were already downloaded. It is the equivalent of bringing a cinema right into your living room.

5. Advanced VR and AR Technology 

As 5G gains popularity, so will the use of augmented and virtual reality in different aspects of life. One reason for this is again, the reduced latency that the 5G tech offers. Latency simply refers to the time taken for a request to receive a response. Hence, reduced latency on 5G means high responsiveness. The kind of immersive experience that AR and VR offer requires a reduced latency rate which thankfully, 5G tech can offer.

Again, AR and VR applications are best enjoyed with flawless network performance. Both systems are so sensitive to this, a slight interruption can have a crucial impact on user experience. 5G technology is perfect for this with its increased data flow.

Moreover, a service breakdown is unlikely since the network can handle multiple devices. The current challenge faced with slow internet, caused by many users in one area simultaneously trying to access the internet is taken care of. Thus, AR and VR can finally thrive better.

Augmented and virtual reality will change the face of e-commerce, education, gaming and so much more. Hence, it is only right that everyone be excited about how 5G technology will bring it closer to us all.

6.Ultramodern Architecture and the Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet of things (IoT) at home is the most popular aspect of living where 5G technology is expected to transform the way we live. Homes can now be designed with automated systems that can be managed from a single device.

Things like lighting, heat/air-conditioning, alarms, and so on will be automated to help homeowners relax better. Security agencies for these homes can also better manage their clients with integrated management options.

7.Advanced Healthcare

Medicine is not left out on the long list of industries that will be transformed because of the arrival of 5G technology. There is so much to look forward to for patients, healthcare providers, and even medical students.

Telemedicine is expected to finally become normalized since high-quality streaming and videos will now be available. Patients who cannot visit hospitals or meet with specialists for one reason or the other can still access healthcare professionals. It is also expected that collaboration among these professionals will increase.

Medicine is a field that deals with huge amounts of data. Medical files like imagery are usually large-size files which take very long to be transferred where necessary. Because of this, collaboration between healthcare providers can become unnecessarily strained. Patients also have to wait longer for treatment, reducing the number of people that can be attended to per time. A high-speed network like 5G will easily solve this.

Rather than using cadavers, medical students can use augmented and virtual reality to study. It is more readily available and can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. With how 5G is expected to improve AR and VR, the chances of this are increased.

8. Smart Manufacturing

Another wave of automation is set to hit manufacturing companies as 5G technology is adopted in more places around the world. This begins with the aspect of managing already existing structures. 5G has a vast coverage that will facilitate the improved management of manufacturing companies as we know it. It covers the speed of work, performance assessment, management of production schedules, data management in inventories, and other forms of logistics.

Another aspect to consider is the development of more smart factories. Robotics becomes greatly enhanced with such a wireless network as 5G. Its speed and low latency prove to be of immense benefits here but so does its ability to efficiently and simultaneously take multiple users. In a smart factory where robotics is employed, output is higher and efficiency is increased. Basically, production is highly optimized.

Also, because data from customers will be easier to gather and analyze, these manufacturing companies can design better products for customers. The combined use of AR, VR, and 3D printing will make this even more executable to give customers exactly what they need.

9. Improved security

In times when security seemed to be a growing challenge, we have seen how technological innovations made things better. The same applies to the creation of 5G technology today and it begins with cybersecurity itself. Improved encryption, network slicing, and network function virtualization are measures that are taken by companies to aid cybersecurity with 5G.

Public safety can also be better managed when 5G technology is adopted by various security agencies. For instance, criminal records can be better synced and surveillance with real-time data can be carried out to detect crime. In a system where 5G technology is employed, this can be carried out effortlessly.

It is projected that sometime soon, the use of multiple sensors to locate and tackle emergencies will be made available. Drones that provide high definition videos can be used by the police on patrols and this will be optimized with 5G technology. This will help to make up for areas where there is a shortage of staff and eventually lead to a huge drop in crime rates.

10. Better Environment Management

There is a healthy concern for how our use of wireless networks will affect the internet and thankfully, 5G technology makes it safer. Some of these effects are direct while others are more or less, ripple effects. 4G is great but 5G does not require as much energy to run. For instance, the amount of time and power it will take to download a movie on a 4G connection drops when 5G is used.

An example of a ripple effect will be seen in how telecommuting will become better with 5G technology. As has been said earlier, streaming and video calls are much better on 5G networks. If people communicate effectively to achieve their goals from their respective homes, meeting up at offices becomes optional. The impact on the environment is that the rate of greenhouse emissions will be cut down.

In cases where driving is necessary, a 5G powered city system will warn drivers of traffic ahead of time and provide alternative routes. Traffic lights will not merely work with time to direct drivers but are more enhanced to prevent delay. These and more are how 5G technology can be shown to be environment-friendly.

Final Notes: 10 Ways 5G Technology Could Shape the Future

Like every other generation of wireless networks came and made life better for everyone, 5G technology is expected to transform the world. When the world becomes saturated with this technology, one thing we can all be sure of is an all-round improvement. Seeing as almost every industry has something to gain by adopting this form of innovation, it is only a matter of time before this happens.

A safer environment, smarter cities, smarter cars, and increased ease of doing business are some of the many things to anticipate. The future is closer than many people think, now is a good time to get ready to embrace it with open arms.

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